Nylan in Wireland

Nylan in Wireland

The sudden fireworks, scared Nylanderia fulva, out of her wits. 

“Curiosity can kill; they told me. But the ever excited me… I had to venture to the unknown lands. Tch, tch! I should’ve obeyed the elders.” Nylan wriggled and writhed, but in vain. Her head remained sandwiched between two sturdy wires. 

“If only I could get hold of the candy cable… But with my body turned upside-down, freedom seems to be a far-fetched dream.” She sighed. 

Trapped inside the topsy-turvy world of Wireland, all she could do, was hope and pray for her life.


Nylan was inquisitive by nature and attended every meeting held at their colony. At such gatherings, folks of her tawny, crazy clan, often shared stories of distant lands. She enjoyed those storytelling sessions and wanted to experience the adventures, someday. Then, one summer morning, struck by boredom, she decided to explore the faraway territories.

Nylan searched for her mates, but none was around. “Looks like I’ve to travel alone.” She mustered her guts and set forth on her quest for knowledge. She strolled around the sun-lit mosaic floors and tangoed with the colourful strands of the velvety, rugs. She glided down the glittery glass panes and nibbled a bit of cornbread. 

“This is fun. Next time, I’ll tag my pals along.” She was thrilled to bits. And amidst fun and frolic, Nylan stepped inside the weird world of Wireland.  

“Wow! What is this place?” Awed by the intricate architecture, she moved forth.  Suddenly, a few golden dots caught her attention. “Whoa! Brown sugar!” Nylan rushed to grab a chunk, but to her utter shock, it refused to budge. “Phew! It’s well secured.” Disappointed, she moved forth only to find some silvery crystals.  She tried to lift one but failed.  “Not my lucky day,” she sulked.

“I better get going.” Nylan took one last look at the chunks and left for home. Overwhelmed with sundry emotions, she missed a step and lost her balance. 

“Whoops!” She tumbled down and fell right into the slit between two wires. And to her dismay, she fell head-first. 


“Umm… sweet water! Finally, something sweet before I die.” Nylan looked around. The fireworks have stopped. But she got drenched. She shook her head to jerk off the dizziness. “I’m feeling much better. The drink must’ve pumped energy into my body.” Just then, another tiny droplet made its way to her mouth. 

“Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m flying… As if I have wings like those flies and moths.” All charged up, Nylan twitched and squirmed. And in no time,  she was free from the clutches of the cable. 

“Yippee! I’ll return to my colony and share the story of my narrow escape. They’ll be thrilled.” Nylan marched towards the exit of the Wireland. 

As she turned back to bid goodbye to the eerie place, something interesting caught her attention. 

It was a big Red can with droplets of fluid around it. And a giant human, anxiously swabbing the rampart of Wireland. 


Nylanderia fulva (Binomial name)- The tawny crazy, ant. They invade our homes and often damage electrical equipments.
Rampart- A defensive wall of a castle or walled city, having a broad top with a walkway and typically a stone parapet.
Wireland – Imaginary. Here, it’s used as the interiors of a laptop.


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