Ode to a Friend

Ode to a Friend

“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”  — Proverbs 31:26

You are strength; perseverance is your attitude.
You are an enigma, phraseless are your elements.
You submit passively to your loved ones,
And demonstrate strength at all situations.
You are adorable, unpretentiously artsy.
You are clothed with poise and potency. 
Your spectacular bravery met no despondency 
Amazing is your personality.
Your aura is angelic,
Your deeds futuristic 
You fail, you fall. 
You stoop, just to stand tall
Tradition, your attitude portrays 
Grace, your personality displays. 
Your are intelligent, wisdom is your clout
You don’t disguise neither do you tout
Your voice is fearless, your mind, patient. 
You raise the fallen, support the feeble.
You are down to earth and dependable
Judgments witness your compassion and charm
You are a good daughter, with speech quite firm
You don’t let troubles to bring you down, inner strength is your gown
You blend logic in disputes, calm assertiveness in your character. 
You help to learn of bonds dear, ain’t afraid to speak clear
Determination controls your will, courage befriends you in all.
You adjust to every circumstance, you empower over all.
You are kind and helpful, your words fruitful
You see good in all, be it short or tall.
You persevere to empathize and enlighten.
Feisty and independent at all seasons, you remain.  
Deep questions and arguments, you acknowledge 
You opine and patiently hear others say.
You pardon follies, woeful souls find solace in you.
You point out faults, extend understanding
You let others be honest without care
And dare your comrades to be fair
You are a guide and in faith you stride.
Jocund is your company, 
You are someone’s destiny
You instill confidence, arouse belief.
Your presence offers a sense of relief. 
You share your time without a dime
And I thank you for being a mime
You helped me measure, my speech and deed
And advised me to pay some heed.
You heard when the world turned deaf
You lingered as a person safe. 
You are honest, 
And rarely stir to protest.
Immense tolerance is your mate.
And I continue to  pray
 For your good fate.

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