Ode to Ocean’s Waves

Ode to Ocean’s Waves

In swirling dance, ocean’s wave do rise,
And crashes down upon the sandy shore,
With mighty force, it reaches for  skies.

From depths below, its strength and power flow, 
A tempest wild, a symphony’s grand show.

The wave retreats, its tranquil heart stills,
A gentle sigh, as if to bid adieu, 
But, a pause, the calm before it thrills.

Once more it roars, with vengeance to pursue, 
With fervent might, it ravages the land,

Yet, in chaos, beauty still remains,
For silver sparkles shimmer on its crest,
Testament to nature’s wondrous strains.

A fleeting moment, then it’s laid to rest,
But soon it rises, filled with strength anew.

Eternal rhythm, ‘er ebbs and flows,
A constant dance of power, full of grace,
Oceans’ waves, forever onward go.

It sweeps us up, in its majestic chase,
A force that captivates, forever true.

In swirling dance, ocean’s waves do rise.
They crash upon the sandy shore’s embrace,
With mighty force, they reach boundless skies.

In every rise and fall, oceans sway,
We find our refuge in their soothing song, and 
May we, in this enchantment, ‘er stay,
With every crashing wave, lay away.


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