Omnipotent Separation

Omnipotent Separation

The day, ‘I am separated from you’, is the last day,
‘I stand on my feet’, kind of promises, I have heard.
Also, these kinds ‘Can’t stand the separation?’
‘It is killing to be away from you, I can’t breathe.’
‘You are the oxygen that fills my lungs, why this distance?’

All said and done, there are ways to say or feel the thought
‘Separation’ but you surpassed all of those spoken verses,
And the clichéd utterances, by just being what you are.

Every single thought that dawns with the day, it is for you.
Every moment that slowly crawls, all milli seconds is about you.
Every desire that end with sighs, brings me incredibly closer to you.

You changed the definition of detachment only to be with me,
Forever and suffocate the feelings of not having you, here
In flesh and blood, next to me, like the way, I cling to the pillow.
Otherwise, you being away from me is not what I deserve.
Your presence is always the separation, I get forever.
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