On a Divine Quest

On a Divine Quest

Here I am, looking for a sign,
On a quest, seeking the divine,
Walking on an uncertain road,
Looking for sorrows to unload,
And I feel – filled with hope.

I cross many oceans and seas,
With his name on my lips with ease,
Hurdles merely stones on my trail,
As I pass through storms, rain and gales,
And I feel – his love’s warmth.

I am led by a golden light,
One so warm and so very bright,
It heals me as it casts a spell,
Under its gaze, I wish to dwell,
And I feel – tenderness.

Here I am enfolded within,
My master’s love washes my sins,
Shedding my skin, I lead my soul,
From a small part, to become whole,
And I feel – I’m reborn.

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