On a Stormy Night

On a Stormy Night

Cozy inside near the fireplace,
Sipping a hot cup of coffee,
I watch the embers dance in glee,
Oh! The flames they seem to embrace.

The sky transforms into a darker shade,
Icy blasts of winds blow,
The Gods roar furiously,
Accompanied by quick flashes of light.
The clouds grow bigger and bigger,
Till they burst, creating a downpour.

The sweet scent from the potpourri,
Fragrance from the flower bouquets,
Make time move at a relaxed pace
Slowly my mind becomes stress- free.

The drops of water augment in size,
Pelting the earth with sharp arrows.
Gales blow with all their might,
Stripping trees of their leaves,
Which are mercilessly thrown far away,
Getting crushed under the storm’s fury.

Cuddled up at home, enjoying the warmth,
Is the perfect way to spend a stormy night.
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