On Grieving the Loss of a Stillborn

On Grieving the Loss of a Stillborn

I shriek, tumble and fall
Into the remnants of a memory,
Of a cold winter’s night
When you had burst forth, from deep within me.

The sun lost its warm shine
The stars cried, broke and fell, 
My days darkened like the night
As the demons of death drove me to hell.

I wrestled, groped for hope
Fighting for the dreams I had dreamed for us,
I chased after a mirage
As the angel of death stole you from us.

Why God? I often asked
As the cold winter wind came a-howling,
Reaching into this heart of mine
Froze the sinews of my very being.

I sat there grieving you
As this life of mine fled past in a rush,
Oh, sweet baby of mine
Stay sleeping then in my heart, still and hushed.

Then one day it dawned on me;
You were a moment’s priceless gift received,
The sun broke through the clouds; 
I sensed you in my newborn’s smile at me.

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