One Reason, 8 Planets and Counting

One Reason, 8 Planets and Counting

Chris Smith was pacing back and forth in his office. He was going to have a meeting with the head of NASA. He owned a space company and it was sending majority of the flights to space all over the world. The cost for building a rocket in their company was much lesser than the rockets built by NASA. The flights were cheaper and if anyone wanted anything flown into space, cargo delivered to ISS etc., they would pay less than they paid to other companies. It had made technology to reuse rockets by making them land straight back on land, and this reduced water pollution too. But his ultimate goal was to start human colonies on Mars. And whatever was his goal, was the company’s goal. This was the reason  he was going to talk about the Mars idea to the head of NASA.

 Minutes later, the head of NASA  came in swiftly and sat on a seat. He went straight to the point.

“So, you are planning on making a human colony on Mars?” He asked.

“Yes.” Chris replied

The NASA head came closer to him .”Give me one good reason to support you in this idea.” he folded his arms.

“My dear sir, just close your eyes and imagine.” Chris said. “Imagine Earth is getting destroyed thanks to global warming, an asteroid, anything.”

“But we will survive.” He continued “We will have human colonies on Mars and regular transport to the planet. If anything happens to Earth we will live on Mars.” He finished.

The head took time to consider this. After a minute or two’s silence, he said. “Ok. Sure. We shall support you.”

Joy erupted inside. He shook hands vigrorusly.

6 years after the meeting

“A Man’s step on Mars, a leap for humankind!” An astronaut said through radio communications. The whole world rejoiced, Chris cried tears of happiness.

9 years after the meeting

Airport announcement “spaceship number 6E302 to Coldcen, Dregun, Mars. Flight 3B666 to Washington D.C, America. Spaceship 9K024 to Sangurina, Kongton on Mars………

50 years after the meeting

Chris is taking a walk across the surface they made on the gas giant planet, Jupiter. He heard two young men talk. 

“Ok, here is our schedule for today. First we head to Earth for college, for our theatre to Mercury, thank goodness it’s been cooled down by humans. I heard it had been very hot since it was near the sun. Venus for cricket class, a walk in a park on Neptune, and back to home on Jupiter.”

Chris chuckled. To this day, he remembered the question the head of NASA at that time asked him “give me one good reason for supporting this idea.” And once he had done so, the human race had achieved so much. One reason, 8 planets and the dwarf planets, plus another planet they had found. He strolled about Jupiter.


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