One-sided Friendship

One-sided Friendship

It was that hot, sultry dusk of June when temperatures were soaring up to a merciless 48 degrees. When humanity shuts itself indoors the whole day, enclosed inside air-conditioned rooms and air coolers. It had been a similar day for me. Towards evening, the house screamed for a breather. The air-cooling shut, doors and windows were opened. Still no respite. The heat drove me down towards the green lawns. Ah! how foolish I had been to have kept lurking inside till now. My body and mind snubbed me. Respite and relief were instantaneous in this green sanctuary. Removing my flip flops, I walked barefoot enjoying the lush, carpet grass underneath my feet. I mentally thanked those lawn keepers who I see working throughout the day in midday blaze, to physically remove all stones, pebbles, any twig that might fall our way. To keep the grass fleecy and fresh for us.

Half an hour later, the dusk gave way to darkness. Enjoying the comfy bliss under my feet, my contended soul had fallen into a reverie when out of nowhere, a young dog came prancing towards me. I am usually not afraid of canines right away. Just a gentle peep into their eyes and I find them eager to having been acknowledged by you. Usually, a calm demeanour towards them is enough to satisfy their friendly overtures.

This one was however too sprightful for my dare. I expected it to go it’s way and give me a miss after an initial ‘hello’. But this one seemed to have taken a fancy towards me. I became uncomfortable and moved to another part of the lawn. I was discovered in no time! This time it came around prancing with greater enthusiasm. The soft ear lobes heaved high like a flag post. Its tawny body oscillating to the effect of its animatedly wagging tail. It hopped near, then far, arousing suspicion inside me. With no collar, it was clearly a fellow who had crashed in. All thoughts of the impending rabies shots were invading my mind when it circled around and tugged at my dress from behind.


What a scream?!! This is what humans’ frail spirit is capable of! Had I not been confident in their presence? So that was it! My fearlessness was limited to just a casual smiling ‘hello’, and if the creature wished for some more than a pawwy- handshake, this was how I would respond? I was embarrassed by myself. The scream alerted not only others present around, but also this creature flung itself faarrr from me. It was more afraid of me now than I had been of it.

My yell also promptly alerted the guards, who arrived with a cane and rounded the canine off.

Ten minutes later, I observed the same ‘fellow’ wagging its tail following another lady who was fondling it and treating it to biscuits.

I still couldn’t swap my fear for that friendly move.

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