One Winter Night

On a winter night,
awaits a pretty sight.
As snow is falling down,
A blanket of beauty covers the town.

Your heart fills with joy,
as you see it tomorrow or today.
When you look at this piece of art,
it takes your breath away.

Whether you are in the Arctic or a simple, busy town,
there is happiness spreading all around.
Warm up by the fireside,
Through the window see the white.

See the frost covered trees,
Frostbite on your hands and knees.
Ice and snow everywhere,
Skaters moving here and there.

The only colours, white and black,
Stored in winters’ cold dark sack.
Winter has all this.
Everything is bliss.

Saanvi Dewan

She is a budding writer, poet and artist, all of 9 years. She is a dreamer and a firm believer that everything in this world is beautiful. She loves nature and wants to save mother earth from all the wrong that we have done. She loves to talk and very sensitive. Whatever she can’t express in words comes out in the form of poems and stories.
Saanvi Dewan

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One Thought to “One Winter Night”

  1. This is so beautiful. This little champ has transported me to the beauty of winter season. loved it.

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