Online Unveil

Online Unveil

Superstar Karan Kumar accused of raping his housemaid. He’s been taken into custody.

The news spread like wild fire. Social media was flooded with ‘hang the rapist’ and ‘ban KK movies’ slogan.

However, due to lack of proper evidence, Karan was granted bail.


Heaps of advises poured in.

“Pay that lowly woman and shut her up.”

“Donate generously to the temple. God will protect you.”

Karan was devastated. The allegations and advises were taking a toll on him.

“Please don’t lose hope, Karan,” his wife, Reena tried to cheer him up. “We know you’re innocent.”

“Let’s go for a long drive, bhai,” his brother, Rahul proposed.

“Please leave me alone, guys. I’m in no mood for any of your pep talks.” Karan walked away.

“It’s so painful to see him suffer. We have to do something to lift his spirit,” Rahul pondered deeply.

The next day, Rahul arranged an online meeting with his parents who stayed in another city, Reena’s parents and a couple of close friends.

“You all know that bhai and bhabhi’s wedding anniversary is after three days. So, I am planning a surprise for them,” Rahul announced.

“That’s so thoughtful of you, Rahul,” his mother said. “I’m sure it would cheer up Karan. What’s your plan?”

“On the D-day, we all will be online just as we are now. But our cameras will be off and speakers muted. When I signal, you all should switch on your cameras and wish them in unison. Then, I will play some clippings and songs from his movies.”

“That’ll surely bring a smile to his lips. It’s a fantastic plan,” Reena’s father raised his thumb enthusiastically.

As planned, on the anniversary day, Rahul surreptitiously hid Karan’s laptop and placed his device in the latter’s room. The online meeting started and everyone had their cameras off and mikes muted.

Reena entered the room. Anxiously, she dialled a number and spoke in a hushed tone. 

“You dumb woman! Why are you calling me again and again?… What? You need more money? Are you blackmailing me? You couldn’t even fake a cry properly. And didn’t I tell you to cut and bruise your skin so that the police would think Karan assaulted you? Because of your foolishness, that loser is out on bail. With so much of planning, I had him hooked in this fake rape case and you…”

Just then, her eyes fell on the laptop. She stood agape as everyone turned on their cameras.


‘Filmstar Karan acquitted. His wife and housemaid confessed to their crime in falsely framing him and are taken into custody. Apparently, Reena was having an illicit affair with Karan’s co-star, who brainwashed her into this shameful act. He’s been arrested too.’
Social media turned tables and was full of sympathies for Karan.
‘When will women stop harassing innocent men?’
‘Men need #metoo campaigns.’
Karan sighed sadly. Serendipity can save lives. Serendipity can reveal true faces too!


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