Our Forever Moment

Our Forever Moment

I turn and kiss him deep on his soft lips and wrap my arms around him and he moves his hands in my curly hair and sweetly said, “I see enchanting forests in your green eyes baby” And I reply “and I see a vast blue ocean in your blue eyes, Sweetheart” , kissing him on forehead and the cool air kisses our bodies. 

“I will go for a bath okay?” I moved the blanket off me and step down on the wooden floor of this yacht just for us to create memories of our beautiful honeymoon. It was a blessing to meet him while I was just sitting in the library and reading “The Fault in our stars” And he, cute face, messed up hair, rolled up sleeves, came up to me and rested his palms on the table and I could see the silver fast track watch on his beautiful wrist, I love wrists of men. And that’s how the little love story began and we are here, living the life of all the dreams we knitted together back then. 

“Why not bath together huh?”

“Kisses in shower? “


We stand here on the board looking at the vast blue sea, holding our hands and feeling the scent of each other’s bodies and it’s lust in love not love in lust. We hold our hands and we still get the goosebumps we felt the first time we held hands in the library and we still smell the same fragrance we felt in the movie theater and same taste we tasted the first time we kissed under the tree in the city park. 

“We will always be together no?” I whisper. 

“Don’t you doubt it”

“Like this sea. Peaceful”

“This sea is blessing us and telling us that we are one of those couples who sit by the ocean and kiss after a dangerous little fight  and sort things out. This sea is just like our little love story, vast with amount of love and peaceful and wild at times but always flows , never stops.” He tells me with that love sparking in his voice. 

“This sea vacation will be our little forever moment as well, right no baby? ” I look at him just the way he looked at me and proposed me. 

“I love you baby! ” 

“Love you more!”
I turn over the bed and break out of my little bubble of imagination and find just an empty space to my right side with no him and no one’s hand in my hair and no ones lips hungrily reaching for mine, with no one once telling me they see enchanting forests in my green eyes. 

I smile that sad smile and a little tear falls down on the white pillow beneath and the cool air kisses my face just to cool my now warm face with tears. 

I stand under the shower and just imagine his hands on my body and the cold water rushes down my body.
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