Our Love- Soul to Soul

Our Love- Soul to Soul

One of the infinite gifts that came to me
Only on those small hands of mine
Albeit decades passed, still you continue
To pour, yet there’s room to fill.
Right from my tender age, 
We’ve developed a love smeared, fathomless bond
With you proffering me the solace I always yearn for
When the deepest silence of the night stares blankly at me
When the pent-up desires and unvoiced emotions
Threaten to blurt, you coddle me; salve my wounds 
Ameliorating my jaded and restive soul.
More often that not, I ask for a moment of indulgence
To silently perceive you with overflowing feelings
Allowing you to flow seamlessly on paper.
In pleasure or in pain, it’s you and only you
You are, therefore I’m.
Oh! dear words, you’ve made my heart captive
In the endless meshes of your worded realms
Our love, friendship is now for eternity and beyond.
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