The vile monster called pain
Cornered me once again
Cold hands of this devil
Gripping, spiteful, evil
Seized me tight by my neck 
I turned into a wreck.

Emotions, deeply sad
Took all the strength I had
I fought, I screamed, I cried
Till my helpless tears dried
I kicked it with a whack
It only kicked me back.

Each time with a new face
It stole my nights and days
It trampled on my heart
And tore my soul apart
Wallowing in despair
I sobbed; life was unfair.

The hundred lies I heard
Every insulting word
That told me I’m not worth
But a burden on earth
Oh, I believed them all
The monster heard my call.

They called me names too rude
And told me I’m no good
I swallowed every slight
The monster gripped me tight
I gasped, began to choke
That’s when at last I woke.

I called my inner light
And let it shine so bright
The monster closed its eyes
Turned blind, released its vice
I stood up, strong and free
And saw the monster flee.
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