Palms are my karma….
They carry out my deeds!!
Palms are my dharma….
They join to hold my prayer beads!!
Palms are my humanity….
They transfer my warmth and affection!!
Palms are my vanity….
They dress me up to perfection!!
With palms I give.
With palms I take.
With palms I make.
With palms I break!!
Palms carry my destiny.
They will be my testimony.


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Ritu Garg

What coins are to a numismatic, and stamps are to a philatelist, words are to me. I collect them, treasure them so that I can weave tapestries of stories, poems, verses and proses from them. They talk to me and I talk to them. And I believe that a word alone is a bird alone and when more get added, it becomes a flight...filled with light and might...!
Ritu Garg

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