Pandemic Diaries

Pandemic Diaries

Melancholic and shrivelled,
in a boxed stifling  prison,
I  grumble and groan,
For the freedom, long gone.
I gaze at verdant meadows,
And trees laden with blossoms, 
I crave for richness  and colour,
And, the flagrantly abused ‘normal’.
The sky flaunts it’s opulent blue,
The air dances, free of toxins,
Birds and animals rejoice, unbridled,
And I, mournfully survey it all,
From  my restricted confines.
The sun rises and sets, as it did
Rain pours, wind blows, like before,
Nature smiles and flourishes
in an unprecedented glory,
with no human to destroy,
it’s  vibrant,  pure clime.
And, I impatiently  wait,
for this imprisonment to end.
May we mind the imperative lesson,
To tread carefully, with compassion.
May we trash all vices as obstacles,
To  harmoniously co-exist in this one-world.


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