And the Earth healed,
And families bonded,
And people relaxed at home,
And there were real conversations,
The whole world got together,
Bonded, in spirit,
Praying for blazing victories,
And people meditated,
Everyone healed,
No one took for granted,
The food on the table,
The coffee which frothed on the cup,
And everyone spoke their own story,
We have seen a lot of life,
But never a time like this,
Where melody has music of fear,
And guests and friends are unwelcome,
Death in the form of virus may greet you,
If you open your front door,
But still,
Humanity fought back with strong prayers,
With a conviction,
That miracles will occur,
And we will blaze,
Like a lantern lighting up a place,
That has been dark for a thousand years!
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