Pangs of Renewal

Pangs of Renewal

She began to shun the life she so well knew,
instead of attention, solitude seemed a prize,
Her growing world-weariness held a big clue,
Yet no one expected this ennui to arise

She had been jumping through their hoops,
Dashing her hopes with their empty words,   
Having seen through their twisted scoops,
she stopped feeding past’s broken shards

An inner voice  still egged her to go along,
Fueling  her hopes for yet another chance,
but since it remained a cliffhanger for long,
She said no more of dysfunctional dance

Why hold on to people long gone away?
She renewed ties with nature & life itself,
as old chips fell where they may,
stillness blossomed to reveal her true self.


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One thought on “Pangs of Renewal

  1. A poem that aptly describes the life of a person in today’s world as a puppet of society and encourages us to break free from this masquerade. There are some memorable metaphors used in the poem, for example, dysfunctional dance. However, many lines are vague and seem out of contexts. Also, some words and phrases seem inappropriately used like cliffhanger and broken shards. One cannot understand what they are referring to since there are no prior reference to them. Overall, it’s a good attempt and we look forward to more of the poetess’s participation in the future.

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