Papa Ki Gudiya

Papa Ki Gudiya

Dear Papa,

Moving to an unknown land into an unknown family, there were many firsts as I transformed from “Miss” to “Mrs”. Switching from a service to a business family, adopting a new lifestyle came with its own challenges. Seeking suggestions on trivial issues was a mother-daughter affair. Until one day, disagreement spiked the levels of distress and left me teary-eyed as I spoke to you on the phone.

“Never hurt anyone with your words”, you said.

“What if someone hurts me with his/her words Papa”, I questioned.

“Circumstances affect an individual’s behaviour. Words are often misguided by the turmoil of emotions. Give people some time instead of jumping to conclusions and tame your own words.”

The lesson taught transformed your little girl into an understanding person. Ridiculed by society for bearing two girls, you always took pride in us. You have no shame in telling that your wife is the financial controller of the house demonstrating equality in partnership.

Your secret prayers on our exam days, especially Mathematics, sobbing with happiness on looking at our grades in Boards, your breakdown while sending us off are the purest emotions etched in our hearts.

I always took your side in times of disagreement as I didn’t want you to feel left out in a female majority family. Anxious for your safety, I used to bother you with my twenty-some missed calls whenever you didn’t pick up the phone on your way back from office.

Today, I take the opportunity to thank you and Ma for turning us into disciplined personalities who don’t fuss about a thing and who are very accommodating towards everything. As a parent, I wish to inculcate discipline, truthfulness and diligence in my child the way you did as a team.

Love Forever

Your Pride
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