Papa’s Puttar

Papa’s Puttar

Dear Papa, 

“Puttar”, was what you called me. Neither we were Punjabis nor I was your son but still with great conviction you would proudly assert to everyone that both your daughters were your sons and would make you proud one day. 

Mom was the worrying one but you provided the necessary balance by placing the highest confidence in us always. It was your efforts whether by providing the best education or by expressing your joy at our smallest achievements that brought us this far.

I am now old enough to understand the struggles of the times you raised us in. In a society that scorned at two daughters, you never let us feel any disadvantage of being a girl. I now understand that what I enjoyed as a right was no less than a privilege.

I also want to thank you for letting me choose my life partner and accepting him wholeheartedly. You are always in our thoughts and we enjoy seeing your reflection in your grandson. 

I wish you were here to see your daughters grow and succeed in life. You left early and I had so many plans to give back if I could, a fraction of what you did for us but I console myself with the refrain you oft-repeated: “First deserve, then desire!” And it makes me bow before God’s will.

I want to tell you that the little finger that you lovingly offered me to hold whenever you took me out as a kid remains the biggest support of my life ever. 

I couldn’t do much for you but with great respect and folded hands, I dedicate each of my achievements to you as I know that I could because you told me that I can! 

Miss you,

Your loving Puttar.
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