Paper Boats

Paper Boats

The vintage albums I flip through
Takes me back to halcyon days
On grandmother’s lap I would laze
Under pristine skies azure blue

She stoked amber fire for cooking porridge, 
Lovingly fed me, narrating stories all the while
In her sun-drenched garden, myriad blooms we gathered
Weaving wreaths and posies, playing fairies and queens
Monsoons saw our paper boats sail away into the unknown
“Send me a paper boat after I’m gone, I will reply”, she’d once jokingly said.

Dark clouds shrouded the golden rays
Doom would descend I had no clue
Blow unkind was fated, who knew!
We hobbled through thick fog and haze

Conned and deceived by her trusting kin 
Gardens, home dishonestly proved no longer hers.
Ruthlessly razed, dreams blurred, one against the world
Pined away treachery to severe wither and heartbreak extreme
Heavens embraced her inside their gates divine
Haunting echoes left behind; when our souls sang and laughed together

Even today, I set my paper boats sail in the rivulet of rain
Tears of ink run, smudging the lines—“Mamama, I miss you. When will we meet again?”
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