Parting Rejoice

Parting Rejoice

Catching butterfly thoughts, flitting in my head,
Entrap them on paper, i scribble with pencil lead,
Tapestry of words, in poems i weave,
Traces of lead separate, a new art on paper breathes.

‘Nymphs’ moult and morph as adult mayflies,
Shedding, fly out of water, now in open sky,
Celebrating change and parting the larva look,
Mayfly adult, rejoice his, day long life unhooked.

Suckling my thumb, inside womb I lie,
Coupled with my giver, by an umbilical tie,
Emerge and separate, a new life dawns,
Celebrating the rupture of the radical bond. 

Migratory birds, aviate on super flyways unseen,
Flying to lands far with favoured habitats deem,
Abandon their homes, starting life anew,
Celebrating separation, though miles they flew.

A burning candle, glimmers, spreading light,
As wax sublimates, leaving wick behind,
Though losing its solid shape, to air thin,
Enjoying dissolution, as over darkness it wins.


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