Pen Friends

Pen Friends

Cursive letters strung like beads on floral handmade paper,
She wrote to her first ever pen pal.
Across countries and continents, the letter was to travel far
Excitement on her face was writ large as she slid the envelope into the post box.

Innocent wishes in words eloquent
Ambitions and dreams she wrote them all
Bated breath, she waited for weeks for the postman to ring her doorbell
Through letters they peeped into each other’s world so different yet delightful

Teenage knocked, her self-confidence rocked
Doubts now floated and her faith wobbled
This demure girl poured out her emotions,
her fears, her inadequacies which she hid from the  world. He understood her.
His letters made her laugh, had her in awe
He wasn’t boisterous like the boys in her school, nor was insensitive like them all.

Teenage gave way to youth, bouncing with the energy of the bubbling hormones
Love crept in slowly and softly through the letters.
A heart with the Cupid’s arrow appeared on the corners of the pages
Poetry replaced the long paragraphs and the subtle messages became lucid
Was it truly love or was it distant dalliance sweet?
She dreamt of him beside her
The halcyon world they would create together.

Love transcends beyond borders and seas
And enriches the lives of the ones it touches.
True love also finds its way and makes dreams come true
She found him at her door one day and happily ever after they stayed.

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