Penmancy: Offering Writing Solutions

Penmancy: Offering Writing Solutions

Penmancy has always believed in providing a global platform to writers who seek a channel to showcase their writing. Unlike other platforms, we aimed at providing a non-judgemental arena where they could bounce ideas and learn from each other. What began as a social experiment, has now turned into a community where self-taught writers are finding ways to experiment with their work and deliver without the fear of being trashed. Careful critique and personal guidance help these writers grow in their interest and achieve their goals. On their pursuit, we help them exercise their mind through various language and literary devices that can make their journey simpler than it is. For that our monthly events and daily/weekly exercises keeps them on their cerebral toes and help avoid any lethargy or writers’ block.  

When we began our first QuinTale event, which is our 500-word writing event, we were expecting 7 entries at the end of the month because we were unsure people would even notice the event in the virtual world. However, with every passing month, it has been a pleasant surprise with the increased number of entries every month. Over the last three months of its existence, November has seen the most participation so far.

The members of our writers’ community on Facebook, Write.Read.Support., has increased by 53%  which only helped us receive increased participation in our monthly writing events as well. Looking at the enthusiasm, we also launched a poetry event called PenMuse which further saw a surge in the total entries.

#QuinTale, a 500-word writing event, that lasted for 28 days, doubled its number of submission over the previous months. We received fifteen story entries from fifteen writers. PenMuse, a 20 to 25-line poetry writing event, that went on for 20 days saw a successful stint with a total of fifteen poems from thirteen different poets who brilliantly penned free verse/narrative poems on differing themes.

Our daily writing exercises such as SixPens (a six-line, six-word chain tale), Fryme (a four-line rhyme), Show, Don’t Tell, and MemLogue (writing memorable dialogue based on a prompt) saw buzzing activity and we decided to extend the duration of SixPens to 6 weeks as well.

With a thrilling month behind us, we are looking for another stupendous activity in December with the launch of QuinTale-04 and PenMuse-02

Hope you’re going to be there with us on this journey.

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