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Greetings from Penmancy 

We are opening our doors, once again, to an online Pitch Fest for aspiring authors on a ‘highway to publishing’, in association with Readomania.

About Readomania:

Readomania exists to nurture, curate, and bring to you content you love. It is a publishing house that takes pride in encouraging talent, new or old, and provides a wonderful platform for awesome stories.

This is made possible in multiple ways.

The first, as an independent publishing house. Readomania boasts of multiple imprints across various categories – fiction, nonfiction, children to name a few. An eclectic mix of content for its readers, when you read a Readomania title, you enter a world that’s yours, supported by unique and quality narratives.

The second, as an online publishing platform for writers- a place to share stories, poems, opinions, travelogues, a way to explore your creative talent. Available as premium, as well as free-to-read content across multiple genres, the reader is spoilt for choices.

Visit to know more.


Below is all the information that you will need to apply for the Penmancy Pitch Fest.

Who can apply?

  1. Indian residents and Indian citizens living abroad over the age of 18 years
  2. Anyone who has a complete unpublished manuscript ready
  3. Open to submit in any genre


  1. Three winners will get a chance to publish their manuscripts with Readomania.
  2. The finalists from Round 2 (apart from the winners) get an opportunity to associate with the publisher to pursue their manuscript independently.


A Book Pitch is the premise of your book. Participants will be required to share their concept note showcasing the reason for us to take it up for publishing. Additionally, a synopsis is to be submitted during registration, which will give us an in-depth understanding of the book’s plot, characters, and major narrative arcs. This will help us in evaluating the story’s structure, pacing, and overall content.

The event will be conducted in three rounds as follows.



  • Registrations open from October 1, 2023 – October 31, 2023, wherein applicants have to submit the details here:
  • Early bird registration fee of INR 1499 – open till October 15, 2023- to be paid at the time of registration.
  • Regular registration fee of INR 1999- from October 16 to October 31, 2023- to be paid at the time of registration.
  • All registered participants will get a FREE access to three online workshops conducted by Readomania and facilitated by Penmancy.


  • The concept note and synopsis will be screened, of which Top 10 pitches will be shortlisted.
  • Top 10 participants will have to submit the following documents through a Google form (within the next 10 days)-
    1. Three (3) sample chapters
    2. The total word count of the book
    3. Writer’s photo (150×150)


  • Top 10 will undergo a virtual interaction with the jury where they will pitch their manuscript and its scope.
  • The finalists would be required to discuss their marketing plan along during the virtual interaction.
  • The Jury will choose the best three pitches of which ONE winner will be announced on the social media channels of Penmancy and Readomania.
  • The top one winner will be required to keep their manuscript ready by February 2024 for submission to the publisher.

Further process of the publication will be as agreed between the winning participants and the publisher.


Dipankar Mukherjee is the Founder & Director of Readomania, an independent publishing house based in India.

Under his stewardship, the house has produced more than 250 books in five years of its existence.

Dipankar holds an MBA degree from IIT Madras and is a management consultant in his professional avatar.

He loves traveling and can be found playing with his daughter, if not at work.

Kajal Kapur leads the team at Penmancy, an enterprise dedicated to providing a launchpad for aspiring authors. As a writing mentor, she has spearheaded workshops and innovative creative writing initiatives that have proven highly beneficial for authors aged 10 and above.

As a writer, she has been a contributor to various national and international anthologies, various online magazines and portals, successfully making her space in fiction writing.At present she is busy writing her debut novel and is also working on a collection of short stories, on the side.

She is also a certified Happiness Coach and engages in lifeskill workshops and takes individual counselling.

Mona Verma is an award-winning author of 9  books and over a dozen anthologies. The Haiku & Tanka poet has also edited various science journals, self-help books, and biographies. 

Her books have been the subject of the thesis for many Research Scholars and the ICSE ELT series. She is on the board of various universities as an academic advisor and visiting faculty.

The Paul Harris Fellow is  Chief Coordinator for FLO FICCI, Uttarakhand Literature Committee and has served as a member of the Asia Development Bank.

She is co- founder of House of Harmony – a literary initiative to direct and curate literary events across the country. She co-owns DISHA wherein she works as Executive Presence Coach and Leadership Skills Facilitator.  Her name finds a mention in Dateline Dehradun as one of the most influential literary figures of Uttarakhand. Her name and writings are mentioned in the prestigious Routledge Encyclopaedia of Indian Writing in English. 

Recently she has been listed in the 50 Iconic Authors 2022 Category by Aesthetics International. India Today March 2023 edition has listed her amongst the Top 8 emerging Indian women.

Dr. Harshali Singh is a New Delhi based Member Judge of District Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, an Author, a Poet, an academician and an Occupational Therapist. Her short stories and poems are part of several woman centric anthologies. She has written in several literary genres exploring the vast creative landscape.

Her novels, ‘A Window to her Dreams’, ‘The Anatomy of Choice’ and ‘A Paradox of Dreams’, form part of an eight-book series called the ‘Haveli Series’ published by Readomania.

She has won the ‘Write India’ Season 2, an initiative of The Times of India Group. She was also conferred the Iconic Author Award 2022 by Aesthetics International Lifestyle magazine. Her book ‘Paradox of Dreams’ was longlisted for the Oxford Book Cover Prize 2023.

She is the founding member of a literary initiative called House of Harmony with the vision of
creating a platform for seasoned and debut authors.

Beetashok Chatterjee was a ship’s captain by profession. He joined the Merchant Navy at a young age and loved it, retiring only after having completed more than 45 years at sea.

His first collection of short stories ‘Driftwood—stories washed ashore’ surprised him with the favourable response it got and he decided that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life—write. He is also the author of a second volume of stories ‘The People Tree—stories about us and them’, that have nothing to do with the sea. His poems have been published in an anthology ‘Monochrome Verses’. ‘Mayday!’ is his latest—his first venture into nonfiction.

Dinesh Prasad is a writer from India with a new novel “All Men Are Worshippers” released this year and a best-selling ‘East of Love West of Desire’, a collection of novellas on the partition of India, published in 2015. Dinesh writes fiction in short stories, poetry and novel formats. His writing is lyrical and rooted in the experiments in Magical realism, Surrealism and Romanticism. He writes everywhere; at the airports, in the trains, in the cabs and the buses while commuting for work or over the weekends and holidays. He listens to music while writing and therefore listens to a wide range of music from jazz to classical and fusion to Bollywood.

Dinesh is a Engineering graduate from Jabalpur and a post-graduate in management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Dinesh works in the Information Technology industry and enjoys working in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Dinesh is based in London where he lives with his family and two dogs.

Amrita Mukherjee published her third book with by Readomania in January 2023 called ‘The Secret Diary of A Criminal Lawyer’ which is based on 10 real-life cases from the life of iconic lawyer late Asoke Mukherjee. Her debut novel Exit Interview, a fiction with a woman journalist as the protagonist, was published by Rupa Publications in 2015. She followed it up with a collection of 13 soul-stirring short stories Museum of Memories, published by Readomania in April 2017.

Amrita has held full-time positions in publications like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Asian Age in India and she has been the Features Editor with ITP publishing Group in Dubai. She is currently an independent journalist and also blogs at


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