Swirling in an endless gyre
Violence floods the ancient land
A million eyes gaze at the fire
But raises not one helping hand.

What shall be mankind’s story?
What shall become of tomorrow?
Every bygone pomp and glory
Only the desert sands do know.

Once there was Abel and Cain
Now there is Animal and Man
His shining brilliance is in vain
If so little does his mercy span.

When innocent blood is spilled
From hearts that beat just like ours
Is not our immortal soul killed
And humanity in its final hours?


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One thought on “Penultima

  1. A beautifully written poem that sends out a powerful message to mankind. It is the kind of poem that in one reading readers would already appreciate its brilliance because of its language and use of short and succinct lines. It’s a kind of poem that one would want to read repeatedly, not because it is difficult to understand, but because of its melodic effect. Though the entire poem gives out a melancholic atmosphere, and that is because there is truth in it, it still makes you smile after reading it because everything in it is perfect. Wonderful poem!

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