Penury’s Love is Summer

Penury’s Love is Summer

Tattered clothes or rugged bed linens, it suffices with,
Pots of Adam’s ale, maybe vestiges of oats or barley,
Little amenities are like silver coins for the poor below poverty line,
Stockpile they grains of sunshine as their gold of might,
Embraced in arms of Summer earns them more livelihood, smiles glow bright,
Hot winds do not demand anything but sweat that unleashes,
Cozier paths to work, little expenditure to sleep on rugs,
Sheltered from winter chills or icy impediments penury rejoice in Summer’s camp,
Proliferating golden ball rescues, it from the prickly rashes of Autumn’s blows,
How dearly it revels in the auspicious and fragrant festival of Spring
That soothes its heart tribulated by the dark eerie thunderstorms of rains,
A bond so pious, every time heals and caress each other,
Summer too feels safe in Penury’s embrace as creator feels nearer.
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