Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

“Saurabh, breakfast is ready. Sonu, eat fast, beta.” Swati hastily placed her son’s tiffin into his school bag. Morning rush was a routine of the house.

“I can’t find my wallet, Swati.” Saurabh called out from the bedroom.

“You never place your things in order. It’s right here.” Swati yanked open the drawer and handed the wallet to her husband. 

“I really wonder how my life would be without you…” Saurabh pulled her close.

“Incomplete; zero.” Swati chortled. “Now leave me, I have to give Ma her thyroid medicine.”

Swati was the backbone of the house. She was a hands-on mom, a dedicated wife and a doting daughter-in-law. This had made Saurabh laid back and carefree. His business was flourishing, which meant more money and less time with family. But Swati was not the nagging type. And Saurabh was proud of that.

“I will be travelling to Canada next week. Please keep my warm clothes ready.” Saurabh informed.

“Oh! You are missing our anniversary this year, too.” Swati said dejectedly.

“So sorry, jaan. Why don’t you buy yourself a wonderful gift with this?” He placed a stack of notes in her hand. Planting a soft hurried kiss on her lip, he left for work.

Swati stared at the cash and locked it in his almirah. This too, was a routine.


Sonu was put to bed. Mother-in-law’s insulin shots were given. Saurabh was on a business trip. Quietly, she tip-toed out of the house.

Swati drove to her best friend Keya’s house. 

She changed her kurti and slipped into a strapless maroon dress, barely skimming her upper thigh. She left her hair loose, that flowed over her nude shoulders. A pair of dangling diamond earrings added to the charm. Smoky eyes, pink blush and red shade lipstick complemented her olive skin tone. Strappy stilettos replaced the sandals. Swati smirked at her reflection in the mirror. She slid her fingers down her slim waist and admired her curves, which was perfect even after childbirth. 

Keya handed over a visiting card.

“Dinesh Patel, a diamond merchant is looking out for a hot chic to beat the chilly weather.” Keya chuckled.

Swati aka Samaira stepped out into her ‘other’ world, where she was herself: fearless, bold and sexy, making men drool over! A high-profile escort, she didn’t undertake for money, as she had more than needed. She felt worthy, sought- after and attractive. A busy husband, a dependent son and a sick mother-in-law had shrouded melancholia on her monotonous life. The crown of being ‘the most responsible woman’ had pierced her skull like innumerable thorns. The mask of the perfect woman she donned during the day wore off in the darkness of nights.

“Mr. Patel, I’m on my way.” She spoke on phone in a husky tone, grinning as she heard him gasping already.

The five-star hotel suite opened and so did the masks! 

Saurabh stood aghast, gaping at an equally appalled Swati.

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