Philautia Shots

Philautia Shots

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” Sarah was humming this song since morning. Her colleagues had noticed her changed demeanor from a cranky, nervous girl, once almost at the brink of suicide to this happier version of herself over the past six months. Everyone wondered if she had found a magic wand that changed her life.


The Research and Development Department was buzzing with activity. It was time for all the scientists to demonstrate their experiments and discuss the findings with everyone. 

“Now I invite Dr Sarah John to present her product.” The anchor announced.

Sarah got to the dais. 

“Good morning everyone, today I bring forth you all a booster for self-love.” She held a small bottle and a syringe in her hand. “I propose the first booster to be given when a person enters teenage and second dose near forty.”

“This sounds interesting Dr Sarah. Self love is something natural, inherent. Why do you propose a booster for that and why teenage and adulthood? Tell us more.” The director asked.

“It turns out that this treasure depreciates with time. Why else should we have such an unhappy world? Kids accept and love themselves as they are. They are happy humans. As they grow up, the world reminds them of their shortcomings. The teenagers become more sensitive because of their changing hormones and this self-love gets replaced by shame, guilt, and hatred for themselves.  They loathe themselves for their weight, size or any failure. In adult life, this gets a notch higher. They have responsibilities, aspirations and they invest so much in others that they lose themselves. Apathy takes over and sometimes engulfs them so much that they cease to live. They just exist. Depression, anxiety follow and some people even lose their lives to this menace.” She paused and looked around. The audience was listening, spell bound.

“Your logic is correct but doesn’t it sound like giving them a drug?” The director asked.

“We aren’t getting them addicted. Two doses should suffice. It’s better than living a miserable life or hogging tablets every day for treatment of depression. Self love will improve the quality of their lives. They’ll be able to work better, fulfill their own and their loved ones’ expectations. Loving thyself should be foremost.”

“Any animal trials?”

“Animals do not suffer from deficiency of self love. It’s we humans who forget this essential ingredient of life, Philautia. I have taken this booster myself and everyone here can vouch for the positive change they have seen in me. I’m still far from being perfect but I’ve embraced my flaws. Now, I love myself unconditionally. I’ve had no side effects but still have to go a long way in trials.

“Your intentions and your product are marvelous and I wish you the best of luck with the trials. We all definitely could do better with self love.” The director gave her a standing ovation and the audience joined.
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