Play of Pretense

Play of Pretense

Ah! Remember how you told me once
Breathtaking were my eyes, cerulean blue
Capturing your heart cupid, in an instant.
Dulcet, my voice, a soulful melody
Enigmatic, lost were you in its symphony
Fervent words ignited passion, amorous
Gosh! You melted every time in my presence.

How lovingly you caressed my tresses, golden
I blushed every time when your fingers grazed my neck
Just one touch, stirred feelings in me, so much.
Kissing my lips, you promised, not stars or moon, but
Love filled life, in a cozy haven of ours.

Much to my dismay, you broke my heart, fragile
Naïve was I, trusting your words, comprised of lie.
Ornate pillars of your love, came crashing down
Pricking my heart, devouring my soul
Qualms conflicting arose, was trusting you a crime?

Remember that day, I saw you in the alley
Standing next to a girl dressed in red
Titillating touches, fondling her chest
Unmasked your deceit, a scene I can ne’er forget!
Vows we made, hurled like trash, worthless
Wobbly my world became, shattered I was
Xanthous letters in my drawer, lost their spark.

You loved me ne’er, feigned were your emotions
Zealous love, just a farce, but why ain’t I surprised?
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