Pot of Food And Love

Pot of Food And Love

The pot on the stove quietly simmers,
The sizzling starting to splutter,
Tantalising aromas, enticing simpers.

Myriad hues come together,
The colours blend, like on a palette,
The sizzling starting to splutter.

Different spices, mushrooms and shallot,
Fraternising like long lost siblings,
The colours blend like on a palette.

They swirl slowly, it’s only the beginnings,
Moving in tandem, dancing ballet and salsa,
Fraternising like long lost siblings.

My comfort food in faraway Tuscaloosa,
Recently wedded to a stranger,
Moving in tandem, dancing ballet and salsa.

Thought my freedom was in danger,
The perception was in horse blinkers,
Tantalising aromas, enticing simpers.
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2 thoughts on “Pot of Food And Love

  1. This is the most colourful terzanelle: you’ve made the experience of cooking so soo very exotic; synaesthesia -sounds, sibilants and consonance, the visual appeal, the imagery compounded with tropes is beautiful.

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