Prayers Were Answered

Prayers Were Answered

‘God Bless you all’ said the father and ended his evening prayer meet. Eleanor held little Rose’s hand and walked out from the church. It was a dark, stormy night so Eleanor rushed towards her home as she wanted to reach before the first rain drop touched the ground. Rose, the two years old toddler earnestly requested her mom to take her to the park and give her a red balloon. After a prolong discussion and negotiation Eleanor had to take little Rose to the park and bought the exact balloon which she wished for. ‘Rose, are you happy now? Come on let’s go back home, it’s stormy night anytime we will be in trouble’ said Eleanor.

Mom and kid were walking towards the gate and then from nowhere a gust of wind came and jeopardized the whole scenario. Nothing could be seen, the wind was blowing as if a tornado had hit the ground. Eleanor grasped Rose’s hand tightly and tried to find a shed but all in vain. No shelter was visible. Already the heavy storm made their life topsy-turvy then the heavy rainfall made the scenario worst. Little Rose grasped her mom’s hand and started yelling out of fear. Eleanor, the young mother was panic-stricken. She consoled her child and started praying helplessly.

Just then someone in heavy voice called out, ‘Do you need any help young lady? You must be lost in this storm. What a sweet child she is! What is your name little child?’ Eleanor was praying deeply, she opened her eyes and saw a tall figure standing in front of her. She replied,’ Yes, we are stuck in this turmoil, desperately want to go back home. My little child is scared. Could you please help us to go out of the park? I hope cabs will be available outside.’ That man came forward, smiled, nodded his head and said, ‘No, not a single car is available right now but you can trust me as your elder brother, I will help you to reach home.’ Eleanor was bewildered. ‘Should I say yes to this Stranger or no?’ She spoke to herself. Later when she found her toddler was in bad shape she uttered ‘yes’ to the bearded man.

He took Rose and carried her gently and helped Eleanor to walk safely in the stormy night. Although it was not easy to locate the lanes and by-lanes amidst storm but it became comfortable because of the Stranger. At last they reached home. Eleanor unlocked the door and the stranger gently put Rose down on the couch. Eleanor rushed inside to bring some warm clothes but as she returned the stranger was nowhere. She was shocked. She looked outside but found no one. Her weary eyes glanced at the large portrait of the Lord hanging on the wall and had goose bump because the Stranger’s face resemblanced Him. Eleanor sat beside Rose, looked up at the portrait and said, ‘Thank you Lord, You heard my prayers.’


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