Pride’s Enigma: A Sinister Symphony unveiled  

Pride’s Enigma: A Sinister Symphony unveiled  

In a world of solitude, Tanu, a quiet and reserved individual, found herself caught in a a strenuous situation when a college senior proposed to her. She wasn’t sure but she accepted the proposal under peer pressure. Their relationship seemed promising initially, but as he became more physically affectionate, Tanu grew increasingly uncomfortable. However, deep within her, a longing for freedom and self-discovery stirred, unable to be expressed openly due to the judgmental stares of her parents and society. Determined to pursue her dreams, she decided to enroll in a renowned post-graduate program in Mumbai. Luckily, she cleared the entrance examination and opened the gateway to a new world.

In this new city, Tanu crossed paths with Mihika, a like-minded soul, and they quickly formed an unbreakable bond. Excitement filled the air when they stumbled upon a vibrant banner inviting them to a pride parade, a celebration of unabashed self-acceptance. Eager to embrace their true identities, they eagerly participated in the event. Amidst the joyful crowd, Tanu’s eyes met Suruchi’s, and a special connection was instantly forged. Though Mihika felt a pang of jealousy, Tanu assured her that Suruchi was merely a friend and that Mihika held an irreplaceable place in her heart.

Suruchi, with her charm, was able to win the trust of Mihika as well. As their friendship deepened, Suruchi eventually became a part of Tanu and Mihika’s daily lives. The trio shared countless moments of joy and laughter. One day, Suruchi proposed a trip to Lonavala, a place shrouded in mystery. Arriving at the resort Suruchi had arranged, they were surprised to find it bustling with people from all walks of life, as if the whole world had gathered there. As evening approached, a mysterious announcement reverberated through the speakers, urging everyone to come together.

Driven by curiosity and a hint of trepidation, Tanu, Mihika, and Suruchi joined the gathering, their hearts brimming with anticipation. What unfolded before their eyes would shatter the very fabric of their reality. One by one, few individuals from the gathering ascended the stage, including Suruchi. The host’s voice carried a sinister tone, unveiling a malevolent plan. The pride parade had been a carefully crafted scheme to befriend those who dared to challenge societal norms. Now, these “abnormal” individuals were being gathered to face the consequences of disrupting the natural order. The host declared that they must leave this world and return as “normal” human beings to restore balance.

In an instant, the lights dimmed, casting the auditorium into darkness. Fear and panic gripped their hearts as the space transformed into a nightmarish scene, reminiscent of the tragic Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Trapped in a horrifying fate, the attendees were consumed by terror, their souls entwined with the darkness that surrounded them.


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One thought on “Pride’s Enigma: A Sinister Symphony unveiled  

  1. The most different take on the prompt, from all stories I read. There are so many aspects, the confusion in the beginning, embracing love and then the treachery and a very unexpected ending. The pace is good, the last paragraph looked a bit hurried though. But you have fitted so much in limited words, bravo.

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