Project ArachnidX

Project ArachnidX

12th October 2021

Breaking News: Another murder in Blossomville in the wee hours last night. The victim, a 24-year-old student at County College was found dead in her farmhouse. The reason for death seems similar to the previous cases. A 3-feet-long pointy instrument is assumed to have been thrust inside her vagina, rupturing her genitals and internal organs, resulting in death due to internal bleeding. A serial killer is out on the prowl. This is the tenth murder in a row and no sign of the culprit. CBI officer Jacob Drew is currently investigating the case. 

Seeing the news early in the morning, beads of perspiration started forming on Karlov’s forehead. Taking out a white handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped those briny beads with his wobbly hands. Gasping for breath, he rushed towards the kitchen and gulped a glass of water. Without wasting a second, he dialed the number of his close confidant, Edward.

“Hey Ed, this is Karl. Did you see the news today?”


“Are you also thinking the same as I am?”

“Might be, but we can’t be sure until we find one of…..”

“Ed, this was bound to happen someday. It’s already been a year since the accident. I’m sure it’s them.”

“If what we are assuming is true Karl, then we have only one option left to stop this bloody massacre, and you know that already!”

“No, stop Ed! I’m still regretting what I did that day.”

“I warned you Karl, to think twice. Didn’t I? You were so adamant in trying something new that you didn’t even spare y…..”

“Enough Ed! I know I was wrong. But I hadn’t anticipated the accident. Else, things would still have been under our control. I don’t understand how I can prevent m……”

“Dad I’m back!” Karlov’s 25-year-old daughter, Violet barged in and hugged her father from behind.

“Ed, I’ll call you back.” 


“Hey Dad, was that Uncle Edward?”

“Yes honey, you’re back, so soon?”

“Yeah! You heard about the news, right? Our college ended early today.”

“Help! Violet! Karl!” A quavering voice emanated from the bedroom upstairs.

Violet and Karlov rushed upstairs to find Elise crouched in the corner of the bed, trembling in consternation.

“What’s wrong Mom?” A perplexed Violet enquired.

Elise stretched out her shuddery hand covered in goose pimples. Pointing towards the dark corner of the wall, she mumbled, “Kill that creature, please!”

Resting on the wall, was an eight-legged brown arachnid with sparkly black marbled eyes and dark chevron markings all over its abdomen. 

“Ah! Mom, that’s just a spider. An innocent harmless creature. Why do you wanna kill that?” 

Uttering those words, Violet stretched out her hand, whispering, “Come love, seems you entered the wrong room. Let me escort you to the garden.”

The spider obeyed her command and crawled right into her palm. Releasing the creature outside, she whispered, “Farewell, my friend.”

Violet headed straight towards the refrigerator, poured a glass of water from the jug and rushed upstairs. 

“Here Mom, have this. Everything is fine now.” She reassured Elise handing her the glass of water.

Elise gulped it in one shot and started speaking, “You and your fetish for spiders, Violet! I don’t understand, we’ve shifted five houses this year but none of the houses have been devoid of spiders. In fact, I’m seeing their numbers increasing rapidly and the creepiest part is that no matter how many times you drive them away, they keep coming. Someday, I’m gonna die of heart stroke due to this!”

Violet hugged Elise and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Maybe, spiders love me!” Violet exclaimed in ecstasy.

For some reason, Karlov felt uncomfortable just watching the scene and fled in a hurry.

***A Week Later***

“Violet! Your dad isn’t breathing. Call 911 immediately!”

*Wee-woo* *Wee-woo*

Karlov was admitted to Blossomville Hopsital, however was declared “brought dead”.

Unable to digest the news of her husband’s demise, Elise went into a coma. A day after Karlov’s demise, Edward committed suicide. The happy little world of Violet came crashing down within seconds.

Breaking News: Renowned scientist, Karlov Dobrev suffered a massive cardiac arrest and passed away at 60. His colleague, Edward Hanks was found hanging in his flat, a day after Karlov’s death. CBI Officer Jackson Drew is investigating the case. More details to be out soon.

*Ting Tong*

Violet opened the door and standing right before her was CBI officer Jacob Drew.

“Hey Violet! Can I come in?”

“Sure Uncle!”

Jacob and Karlov were childhood friends. The loss of a dear friend had shattered Jacob as well.

“How are you? How’s Elise doing?”

“No improvement Uncle. I st-st-still can’t accept the fact that dad is no more.” A heartbroken Violet started wailing inconsolably.

Jacob embraced Violet and assured her saying, “I consider you my daughter as well. Don’t worry. Things will eventually fall into place. Don’t hesitate to call me in case you need any help.”

That night Violet sneaked into her dad’s room to feel his presence. Resting on her dad’s favorite rocker, she started swaying vigorously, lost in thoughts when a fluttering sound dragged her back to reality. She turned around and saw a pink folded paper on the table with a paper weight placed on it. She unfolded the paper. Just a glance at the handwriting and she realized it was penned by her dad.


I love you. I’m sorry. I committed a grave blunder 10 years ago which haunts me till date. Blame it on my obsession for experimenting on something new every time. The damage done is irreversible and the consequences are fatal. I’m the cause of the bloody massacres happening all around the town. I’ve consolidated all my wrongdoings in a file and have placed it inside your wardrobe. I’ll meet you tomorrow and answer all your queries after you’ve gone through the file. Please punish me however you deem fit. Forgive me, Violet.


Violet was taken aback after reading the letter. 

Was I the cause of Dad’s uneasiness all this time?

Was I the cause of Dad’s death?

Tempestuous thoughts creeped inside Violet’s mind. She rushed towards her room, opened her wardrobe and started searching frantically for the file. 

“Ah! Here it is!”

It was a hefty yellow colored file titled “Project ArachnidX”. Violet kept flipping the pages one by one whole night and what unfurled subsequently sent a shuddery chill down her spine. Trembling, she dialed Uncle Jacob’s number.

“Hey Violet, is everything okay?”

“Uncle, can you please come to my home ASAP!”

“Sure, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”


“What’s the matter Violet? You sounded perplexed.”

“Uncle, have you investigated the murder cases in town?”

“Yeah! It’s getting weirder day by day. We thought that the serial killer is targeting women but last night we found the headless bodies of five men.”

“What’s the autopsy report saying?”

“Well, we found samples of some neurotoxin in their blood which seems to be synthesized by Black Widow spider. Weird, isn’t it? But don’t worry Violet, I’ll nab the culprit.”

Violet let out a deep breath. 

“Here, check this out” she said handing Jacob his dad’s letter and the file.

Jacob read the letter and went through the file. His baffled eyes widened as he kept flipping the pages. 

“Karl was experimenting on spiders?”

“Yes, seems this was one of dad’s joint project with Uncle Edward which he kept under shadows. They wanted to create a biological weapon which would be lethal enough to wipe out a part of earth. And after years of research, they came out with this drug called Mutoxybumane.”

“Hey, isn’t that illegal?”

“Yes, probably that’s the reason they kept it hidden from the world. And guess what, the tests were conducted on spiders!”

Edward couldn’t believe what he saw. There were some thousands of species of spiders and detailed reports about their behaviors and abilities post drug administration.

“You mean this drug was injected into them? But how did it serve their purpose?”

“Here read this uncle. It says – Post administration of Mutoxybumane, the spiders underwent gene mutation, developed multiple traits of mammals and were resilient to any form of attacks whatsoever.”

“Traits of mammals, as in?”

“They shot up to 6-ft in height, grew an extra pair of legs and mated like mammals. Dad called them genetically mutated humanoid Arachnids or ArachnidX in short.”

Jacob read the reports of few spiders that Karl had experimented on.

Test Subject 5: Blue Tarantula


Developed wings, an extra pair of legs and long pointy genitals post Mutoxybumane administration.

Able to fly as swift as 10 km/sec.

Lifespan: 15 years

Test Subject 16: Wolf Spider


Developed venomous cobwebs, an extra pair of legs and long pointy genitals post Mutoxybumane administration.

Able to asphyxiate a person with its cobwebs.

Lifespan: 15 years

Test Subject 25: Huntsman Spider


Developed special muscles, an extra pair of legs and long pointy genitals post Mutoxybumane administration.

Able to jump as high as 25-ft.

Lifespan: 15 years

Test Subject 40: Black Widow


Developed swift internal cell division, an extra pair of legs and long pointy genitals post Mutoxybumane administration.

Able to create multiple replicas of itself.

Lifespan: 15 years

“Why are they all males?” A curious Jacob enquired.

“Oh! You noticed that already. I was about to come to that point. It seems they were creating an army of male spiders as a biological weapon. Here, read this. Their objective was to keep them sex deprived for years together so that they turn even more ferocious. Just imagine the havoc that can be created by releasing tons of genetically mutated sex deprived humanoid arachnids in town.”

“Jesus Christ! I get it now. They would kill all male homo-sapiens considering them as their sex competitors and rampantly copulate with all female homo-sapiens considering them as their sex partners and killing them in the process.”


Everything seemed crystal clear to Jacob now. Even the suicide of Edward wasn’t a mystery anymore. Edward was scared that his dirty secret would be out after Karl’s untimely demise. Instead of spending rest of his years in jail or being slaughtered by one of these monsters, he preferred taking his own life.

With a mild trepidation in his voice, Jacob feebly enquired, “Violet, do you think these arachnids are responsible for these attacks in town?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Just look at the way it kills its victims.”

“Violet, it says here, that these were synthesized in M-Lab. Do you know its location?”

“Yes, it’s the same lab where dad used to work. Dad had given me an immunity booster in that lab, back when I was a teen, so I know the location.”

“Didn’t you notice these spiders back then?”

“Nopes. I wasn’t allowed to enter the central chamber where he used to conduct experiments on test subjects.”

“How did the spiders flee from the lab?”

“If you remember, a year back there was an accident post which the lab was shut down. I think these arachnids would have fled during that time.”

“If what we are seeing is true, then our town is in grave danger now. We’ve to stop these mutated arachnids at any cost. But they seem invincible.”

“Not exactly uncle. Here, check Page 509. It says – The ArachnidXs are resilient to human weapons but silver torpefies them for about an hour. They can die in 3 scenarios: Natural death after 15 years or if bitten by their own male species or by the toxin of a female ArachnidX.”

“Female ArachnidX, you say?” Jacob’s eyes widened.

“Yes, one female ArachnidX was synthesized in the lab. Here, check the last page.”

Hypothesis: A female ArachnidX is activated post copulation with a male ArachnidX. Once a female ArachnidX copulates with a male ArachnidX, the male ArachnidX dies of exhaustion and the female ArachnidX reproduces within 6 hours giving birth to millions of new male ArachnidXs along with a female ArachnidX, thus maintaining their progeny. 

Test Subject: Confidential (refer the video)
Administration of Mutoxybumane successful.
Lifespan: 5 years post activation
Weakness: Silver is fatal for female ArachnidX

“Holy Shit! This is savagely brutal. But what is the test subject’s species name and what video is being referred to?”

“I think dad wanted to answer those queries personally only to me as per the letter, but unfortuna…..”

*Tring Tring*

“Hold on, I got a call. Hello”

“Sir, you won’t believe but some giant freaking ten-legged flying tarantulas are slaughtering our officers. Please hel……Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Hello, Frost. Hello. Shit!!” Jacob started seething with rage.

“What’s wrong uncle?”

“Violet, you were right. It’s them! We don’t have much time left. We’ve to stop these freaks before they devour the entire town. I’ve a plan. Listen to me carefully. Let’s lure the female ArachnidX and use her to kill all male ArachnidXs. As per the report, silver is fatal for female ArachnidX. We’ll take her in one go.”

“But Uncle, how do we find her?”

“Everything originated in M-Lab. Let’s head to the lab and check if there’s any video cam present there. You’ve to help me out in saving the town, Violet.”

“Let’s do it together, uncle”


Jacob and Violet loaded their vehicle with silver knives, silver bullets and plethora of other silver weapons that can be used to paralyze the male ArachnidXs to buy them some time and kill the female ArachnidX. Together, they headed towards M-Lab.

The lateritious streets were brimming with severed bodies of men and women.

“Uncle, can you please turn on the radio?”

“Sure Violet.”

Breaking News: Thousands of ten-legged flying, jumping and somersaulting arachnids have created havoc in the town. They are killing women by thrusting a pointy weapon, emerging out of their lower abdomen, into their vagina and men by spouting toxins, noxious cobwebs and even devouring them alive. Is this the start of an apocalypse? Are we nearing doomsday? May Lord save us!

“We’re at M-lab, Uncle” Violet said pointing towards a dilapidated lab, tangled in squalid cobwebs.

“Here, take these weapons and be very cautious Violet!”

Mustering courage, Jacob and Violet tiptoed towards the lab. 


The door opened. They tiptoed inside the central chamber and were taken aback by what they saw. Thousands of ginormous arachnids could be seen napping peacefully on the walls, computers, desktops and ceilings of the lab. The fragrance of a female homo-sapiens aroused them. With their legs clinged to the walls, the arachnids started performing rapid push-ups in sheer ecstasy. Their lust filled scarlet red eyes fixated on Violet along with the mating dance were creepy enough to make Violet cower. Dangling swords, thick from base, narrow and pointy towards the end, emanated from their lower abdomen with semen dripping from its peak like the liquid oozing out from the needle of a syringe when sufficient pressure is applied to the plunger. A giant Black Widow spider at the extreme corner of the wall, replicated itself in exhilaration and created 4 black widows. Unable to control their desire for libido, a group of tarantulas jumped from the ceiling to savor her.

“Go to hell, you horny ten-legged freaks!” Jacob yelled and started firing silver bullets.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The arachnids hit by silver bullets, lay on the floor, unconscious. 

“Uncle! Watch out!” Violet shrieked.

Alas! It was too late. A ferocious Wolf Spider spouted toxin on Jacob’s hand. The pistol slipped from his hand and the affected region started burning like hell. 

“Uncle, you find the video cam. I’m luring these freaks out.” A determined Violet yelled and rushed out of the room. Those sex-deprived arachnids followed her like how the wolves follow their prey.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Violet kept firing bullets and torpefying the arachnids. But their numbers kept on increasing.

Exhausted, she hid inside a nearby tunnel. She had already run out of bullets by then.

“Ah! Feels I’m safe, at least for now.”

She felt a prickling sensation in her legs. She shrugged it off thinking it to be a twig. But then she felt something fastening onto her leg like a tendril fastening around a plant. Shuddering, she looked below, and it was the leg of a giant Trapdoor arachnid.

“Shit! How can I forget that some arachnids live in burrows and tunnels as well!” she mumbled.

The arachnid entwined two of its legs tightly with Violet’s legs to immobilize her. A slithery narrow tongue emanating from its mouth, rolled all over Violet’s cheeks, neck, breasts, thighs and navel. Violet’s voice which seemed to be just at the tip of her throat died down in fear. She felt the movement of a sharp pointy dangling sword around her genitals.

“Wait, plea…..”



“I hope Violet’s safe! Where’s the freaking video cam, damn it!” A desperate Jacob kept searching for the video cam, when something fell from the shelf.

“Is this the video cam that Karl had mentioned in his report?” 

Jacob blew away the dust deposited in the camera and clicked on “Play” button.


5th October 2011

10:51 AM

“Karl, are you sure about administrating Mutoxybumane to a female homo-sapiens species instead of a female arachnid for creation of female ArachnidX?”


“Are you aware that once this dose is administered, the change will be irreversible?”


“Post drug administration, the homo-sapiens female will start developing a fetish for arachnids. However, the mutated genes will be activated only after copulation with a male ArachnidX. Are you still fine with this? Think twice before agreeing.”

After a brief pause….


“May we have the name of the test subject please”

“Violet Dobrev”

Jacob’s shuddery legs gave way. 

“So, that immune booster was just a farce! How can you do this to your daughter, Karl? This is insane!”

The venom had started already spreading throughout Jacob’s body and he knew that had a very little time left. Jacob threw the cam and started searching for Violet.

“Violet! Violet! Where are you?”

Something glinting near the tunnel caught his attention. He headed straight towards the tunnel and saw a shimmering bracelet smeared with blood. 

This is Violet’s bracelet!

“Violet, are you inside?” He crept in and was flabbergasted seeing Violet lying in a pool of blood and a giant ArachnidX lying lifeless beside her.

“No, no…This can’t be true. Violet, please wake up.” 

With his wonky hands, Jacob took Violet out of the tunnel and placed her on the ground. Placing the heel of his left hand on her chest and the heel of the right hand on the top his left hand, he started pressing her chest and performing hands-only CPR, hoping to revive her. 

Suddenly, Violet’s body started convulsing and foamy bubbles started emanating from her mouth. Her body seemed as hot as molten lava and greyish white fumes started emerging out from her skin. An eerie hum pervaded the air. Jacob turned around and saw thousands of frenzied male ArachnidXs humming, dancing and forming a circle around Violet. They started bowing their heads in reverence just as a king bows his head before his queen. Violet’s body started turning dark and thick blue urticating hairs rose from the pores of her skin. 

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Hundreds of round opalescent eyes popped up all around her face. Her canines started jutting out of her mouth and ten long, slender hairy legs emanated from her back. She let out a shrill cry and Boom! Her outer skin burst to smithereens. The female ArachnidX was activated.

Slimy drools started dripping from the jaws of those sex deprived male ArachnidXs. The aroma of the female ArachnidX was so titillating that each male ArachnidX wanted to have her for himself. The war of male ArachnidXs began and within seconds it started raining arachnids.

The female ArachnidX, freshly activated and unstable, was irked and spouted a violet toxin in the air which instantly vaporized the entire population of male ArachnidXs. 

“Violet!” Jacob uttered feebly.

The female ArachnidX turned around and hissed at Jacob. Jacob cowered in fear and started crawling backwards. The female ArachnidX was aroused by his movements and started somersaulting towards Jacob in sheer exhilaration. Jacob’s vision started getting blurry, and he knew he had to stop the female ArachnidX from giving birth to millions of tiny ArachnidXs and break this vicious cycle.

“Please forgive me, Violet!” Jacob mumbled.

Bang! Mustering every bit of strength left in his body, Jacob pressed the trigger one last time and fired a silver bullet aiming at the female ArachnidX. 

**Few Hours Later**

“Rescue operation team, what’s the status? Over!”

“A gargantuan arachnid lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Over!”

“Any causalities? Over!”

“Yes, CBI officer Jacob Drew. Over!”

As the rescue operations team were busy investigating the scene, a teensy weensy ten-legged arachnid emerged from the abdomen of the dead female ArachnidX and faded into oblivion.
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