Pulwama to Balakot 

Pulwama to Balakot 

Entire country mourned 
The death of brave soldiers in Pulwama 
And drowned in deep sorrow. 

The cowardly terror attack 
Shook every heart and stirred every soul 
As innocent lives were wrongly lost. 

The calamity left a huge impact 
That was impossible to overcome but
It ignited a fire of deep revenge 

An airstrike in retaliation was done in Balakot 
By the code name of “Operation Bandar”
By our gallantry Indian Air Force.

On the fields as the enemies lay drenched in blood 
The death of every martyr was 
At last, successfully avenged. 

We bow down to the patriotism 
Of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives
Fearlessly for their beloved country. 
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