Purr’-fect Palls

Purr’-fect Palls

As I was coming down the winding stairs
I saw some desperate kittens and their scared stares
My steps halting and hovering,  alighting  in a  careful feat
Making  sure not to scare them, I went down gently  on my feet.

Swarmed by a litter of kittens, rubbing me with their sides and  tails
Caressing them softly, I recalled some yester years  tales
Of some wild cats and kittens that lived  with strange ears
But gentle and kind, in the  woods of a village for hundred years .

They were very friendly and  helpful, mingling  with  flair
Rolling and rollicking around each other, they saw a  big flare. 
Pussy footing and pawing their way with caution, as if on a beat
They strode to inform the villagers  with a hurried  beat .

The flare became brighter  and bigger and it  stayed
The cats and kittens  rushed to bring  the folks to a safe  place and  remained  staid
In a huddle they all  moved, bound by their love cord
Mewing and purring along to safe haven, the feline  dearies  struck  a chord.


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