Prompt: “The Time is Now”

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1. Submit your fictional story based on the given prompt (The phrase may or may not feature in your story, but it must showcase the theme.) 

2. The submitted story must be between 450-500 words. Entries lower than or exceeding the word limit will stand disqualified for the event. (Penmancy Tip:- Use‭ ‬‭ ‬to check your word count.)

3. Writers may submit ONLY ONE entry. So bring out your best. Only fresh stories are accepted for the event. Previously published stories will not be considered for contention. No Plagiarism. PLEASE.

4. Only stories that garnered an average score of 7.5 and above will be eligible for winning.

5. Submitted entries to be adjudged based on the (1) use of prompt/theme, (2) plot & story, (3) use of language, (4) emotional impact and (5) narrative voice & content. Each criterion carries 10 points. Total scores will be aggregated to derive the average score out of 10.

6. Send in your entries to in a word document along with a 2-3 line bio and a cover picture for the story (optional-you may refer to pixabaydotcom or unsplashdotcom for high-quality free photos, preferably above 1200×675 pixels). {You need not send your details if you have already sent them, lest you want them replaced} The subject of your mail should be “Entry for QuinTale-10″ (compulsory).

7. Most of all- HAVE FUN!!

P.s.: Last date of submission is July 23, 2019 (Tuesday) 2359 hrs. Winners shall be announced on July 30, 2019 (Tuesday) at 8 PM.


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Check the submitted stories here:

My Town of Innumerable Crimes

‘He watches over his dominion. No blade of grass nor grain of sand moves without His notice. If you smite ...
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It’s For Her, Not Me

“I have to speak up, I can’t keep quiet.” Neetu went to her husband and said firmly, “I want my ...
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The Salvation

No, no Papa. I will not be able to make it during this summer vacation the schedule is very tight, ...
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Now is the Time to Take a Stand

June 20, 2019 It all started during the conversation on a friend's timeline where Courtney had commented on a post ...
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Present in the Present

Hello, here, I’m here, perched on the wooden frame, yes. Okay, you got me. Welcome to the Guptas’ living room ...
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The Gold Medalist

Nothing can be more precious than life. No situation can be worse than standing at cross roads to choose between ...
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Time for New Beginnings

Alia sat there, on the floor, for a long time. She couldn't really remember how long. Hugging her knees tightly ...
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Till Death Frees Us

He stood by the window watching her. Each breath was a struggle. Each breath was precious. Every time, she breathed ...
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Now or Never

“It is a perfect vineyard located in the picturesque hillside.” The realtor, in his booming voice gave a captivating description ...
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A Robot’s Lament

Well, they say, my intelligence is not natural, it is artificial, inferring that I am just a nincompoop programmed to ...
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The Golden Tattoo

Abraaa ca dabraa… gili gili choo… And Savy found herself standing in the middle of a ballroom. All eyes fell ...
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Wake Up Call

Alpana hurried home. She was longing to have a steaming cup of tea. As she entered the house, Shalu came ...
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My Heart’s Calling

Seema switched on the washing machine and started packing lunch before going for a shower. The buzzer went off just ...
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Voice of Change

“Prachi, I am not happy with what I am hearing from the other teachers,” said Principal Pushplata, looking straight at ...
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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was Father Time. He lived in the castle with his three boys, Before, Now and ...
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A Smelly Affair

I opened my cupboard and a mound of clothes cascaded down like a waterfall.  ‘Damn! I should have cleaned this ...
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Reality Check: Now or Never

“Abhi, come here. Why don’t you listen and remember anything? It’s your 11th birthday next week but still same callous ...
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The Last Day

Kaveri strolled across the flower garden for the third time since morning. The roses, lilacs, and the conspicuous marigold kept ...
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At forty, there was nothing exciting about life anymore for Varsha. She sighed as she drove through the traffic, trying ...
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Being a Bot

Like carousal, the scene kept changing every minute from sand to plateau, gorges to ponds. Trying to figure out the ...
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Death Do Us Apart

The lush greenery amongst the mountains and the misty air that blew in the mornings during Spring was a source ...
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