Radio, I Love You

Radio, I Love You

Today is an intense day for Ajay and Savita. They have not talked to each other for 6 hrs. Ajay is upset that Savita didn’t give him enough respect in front of their family friends while Savita was distressed that Ajay is behaving in an unjust manner.

It all started when Vikas and Madhu, their family friends, came over for lunch. All of them were enjoying the conversation and gossips about each other when in the heat of the moment Savita said in lighter vein “Ajay doesn’t help me in household chores”.

Even though it was one light remark, it was more than what was needed to spoil the evening for Ajay. He didn’t speak much after that, eagerly waiting for the guests to leave.

“How could you say that about me? Don’t I help you with household things?” Ajay blasted at Madhu as soon as she closed the door. Holding her composure she said “Ajay I was just joking. They are our family friends.”
Ajay was not in the mood to have any of it “In that case, next time make fun of yourself.”

“Well, you should then remember this too. Don’t you take a swipe at me in front of your friends, about my cooking, or my laidback attitude.”

This whole argument just snowballed from that point on for 15 minutes, and now it has been just over 6 hrs of the skin piercing silence.

Like every marriage, neither of them was ready to concede. After all, it’s always the other’s fault.

It is now 9 pm and Savita wanted to listen to her favourite radio program “Chhaya Geet”. One program that comes every Sunday night and brings her to a relaxing mood every time but perhaps not today. Still, she must listen to this since this is one program she looks forward to the whole week.

Savita switches on the radio and the very first song on was “Dil Ka bhawarn Kare Pukar, Pyaar Ka raag suno”, which took Savita to memory land and she remembers the moment she saw Ajay the first time across the table in a restaurant having lunch with his friends. This song was on in the restaurant that day too and they just happened to glance at each other then. Ajay smiled at Savita which won her over.

Humming the song, Savita comes back to the present and happens to glance at Ajay again to read his mood.

Ajay is smiling again. It wins over Savita again, even after two decades.

“That’s why I still follow you, my dear. You add energy in my life” she wonders looking at her all-time favourite radio.

A relaxed Savita goes to the kitchen for cooking tea which they always enjoy after dinner. On the way, she pats the radio for playing her… no… their favourite song.


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