Bright-bouncy sunbeams fell
On tiny-sparkly drops
The drops, startled little
Split the beams all around
Lo and behold, what’s this
Ah! A rainbow was formed.

The drops jiggly-jiggled
Laughed and coyly cooed
Looked around in wonder
At the colourful pools
They rushed-brushed eagerly 
To jump into the tarn.

They splashed-swished into them
Of red and violet
Some choose the calming greens
Others jumped-bumped into
The yellow of the day
Or midnight indigo. 

Then they sat hand in hand
The merry-gentle breeze
Kissed their uplifted face 
Ah! They felt its rush-brush
Like a gentle caress
How they happily sighed.

Wouldn’t it be just lovely
For eternity to
Sit with painted faces
Giggling-ogling people
Who are looking-loving 
Vibrant arc in the sky.

Alas! That’s not to be
Nothing lasts for ever
Rainbow is even more 
Fleeting than a summer 
Afternoon’s warm shower
So, joy-enjoy its show.
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