Raindrops gliding down, my pale window panes
Are they tears from above?
At times they drizzle, like, souls freed from chains
Releasing pain, thereof.
Do they pour to quench, the thirst of those lanes
Or, is it just to shove?
The sewage that blots, and threats the green plains
Of the pastures they love.
Their tuneful rhythm soothes my restless core
Like a lullaby
They flow like a boon, erasing the stains
Fetches peace like a dove.
Amazed, I see them
Drenching all terrains
Laving earth’s treasure trove. 

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One thought on “Raindrops

  1. A simple but thematic poem. The rains are not my favorite but your poem made me realize the importance of it too. Picked up a new vocabulary ‘laving’.Had to check it up.

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