Ready to face challenges

Ready to face challenges

Dear Dad,

Passing out from a boarding school had its own sets of advantages and disadvantages!

The biggest disadvantage I faced was when it came to cross a road!

After living for more than a decade in the lap of Kumaon hills, complimented by the calm and serene environment of my school, I would literally jump on the honk of a vehicle!

All through the school days, I wriggled to have my own independence, as I wanted to break through the caterpillar lines perpetually surveillanced by a staff member, which we would make to go anywhere and everywhere, be it to the science lab in school or for town walks. Going to classroom was just walking out of the study hall, and climbing a little hillock with a bundle of books tucked in our arms.

No cars, no traffic, no crossing roads!

So, when college came, I proposed to you that I wanted to go to college all on my own. Surprisingly you agreed, while my mum had some apprehensions.

A fine surprise dawned one day, when you got me a Maruti 800.

The training started with your words, “This is your car. Drive it with full confidence. You bump it, you dent it, I’ll not say anything to you. Just be careful and confident from your side.”

These words of yours instilled in me so much of confidence, that I NEVER had any kind of anxiety while driving and touchwood, I never ever got a single scratch on my vehicle till date. Driving car became my passion, so much so that at one point I dreamt of going for F1.

Dad because you told me so, the girl who feared crossing roads, now manoeuvres dexterously in the wild traffic! Ready to face challenges life throws.

Thank you ever so much…
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