Real Actors

Real Actors

“Vignesh, I along with the main lead of the movie, will be landing in Mumbai tomorrow afternoon. Although I  already discussed the movie scene with you, let me remind you once again. We would require 5-10 child actors for this, who would be playing the role of poor people. On the occasion of the actor’s birthday, he would be giving away the food and clothes to poor children.”

“And make sure you make all necessary arrangements. Make them rehearse the scene before we start shooting. We wouldn’t have time for retakes. Another important thing is the scarcity of funds.You already know it’s a low budget movie, so shortlist actors accordingly. Do send me the picture of shortlisted ones.I will see you tomorrow near the garden of the temple where we will be shooting”, said Mr Mehra instructed Vignesh over the phone.

Mr. Mehra is a renowned director, who had directed enormous short movies and documentaries. Vignesh is assistant director of this short film.

After the conversation got over, Vignesh called in his junior and briefed him about arranging child actors appropriate for the scene. By the evening, his junior confirmed him about the actors and Vignesh sent the picture to Mr. Mehra as per his instructions. With this stage was all set for the shooting of the movie.

Next day, Vignesh along with his junior and child actors was gathered near the garden as discussed with Mr. Mehra.

After a while, a Porsche Panamera stopped near the garden. A huge, rich looking man along with a handsome and tall man came out of the posh car. The huge and hat wearing man looked like the director of the movie and the other one probably was the actor.

“Vignesh, choice of child actors is just perfect”, said Mr. Mehra while adjusting his hat and pointing at the child actors sitting there.

“Look at them seems as if they are already in the role-playing mode. It looks like as if they haven’t eaten since last 2-3 days.”

“Costumes and makeup are beyond description. Ripped clothes, empty eyes, tatty and dishevelled hair…Awesome. Well done, Vignesh”, said Mr. Mehra while tapping his shoulder.

With equipment set, there came a sound, “Roll, Camera and Action!!”

As the actor starts distributing the clothes and food to the child actors, they were frantically taking food from him and gobbling it. After swallowing it fast, they were asking for more. The perplexed actor continued feeding them until they were full. Few of them were crying too while eating, which he ignored thinking it to be part of the script.

“And Cut!!” said Mr. Mehra, but nobody heard him except the lead actor.

“Cut!!” he shouted louder, but child actors were busy eating and trying new clothes.

“Who are they?” he asked Vignesh in bewilderment.

“Real actors who are fighting for life against all odds”, replied Vignesh and tears fell down from his eyes.


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