Sandeep belonged to a middle-class family. His world went topsy-turvy when he lost his parents at a young age. While growing up, many trying circumstances tried to break him, but he never gave up. 

Sandeep and Anita met at a mutual friend’s sangeet function. He was entranced by Anita when he first saw her, but he lacked the courage to approach her because she came from a wealthy family. 

However, destiny sometimes plays unique games and takes one by surprise. Isn’t it?

“Hey, handsome, I am Anita. Would you like to dance with me?” Anita came forward and spoke.

Sandeep jumped with joy. 

“Sure, beautiful.” He said, and together rocked the dance floor.

They met a couple of times before falling in love and decided to tie the knot.

“Anita, their lifestyle and culture are different, and you will struggle to blend in with a middle-class family.” Her parents made an effort to explain to her. They also knew Anita was egoistic.

But Anita remained adamant. Finally, her parents had to approve their marriage.

The initial months went without a hitch. But with time, Anita frequently became agitated and cursed him for not fulfilling her needs.

“You are useless and worthless. I earn more than you. I shouldn’t have married you.” These words pierced Sandeep’s ears. But he gulped everything because he loved her despite her attitude.

Sandeep was almost in the arms of depression. Then there came a day when he reached his breaking point and decided to end his life. 

When Anita’s parents learnt about his health condition, they became too concerned. They took him to a counsellor and helped him come out of depression. They also suggested that he file for divorce.

When Anita received the divorce papers, she choked. Fear of losing him gripped her. 

“Mom, Sandeep has sent divorce papers. I do not want to lose him.” Anita pleaded for help. 

“Beta, you got into this predicament because of your ego and attitude. Until you set ablaze your ego, you will never prosper in your personal life. Relationships are built with love and not with bricks of ego. We had warned you earlier, but you ignored our advice.” Her mom said in a choked voice.

“Anita, he is a gentleman. You are responsible for this mess.” Anita’s dad murmured.

“Yes, I comprehend now. It’s my fault. How do I get Sandeep back, dad?” she pleaded.

“It’s too late now. But if you promise to change, we will try to talk to Sandeep.” her father assured.

“Yes, Dad, I promise I’ll let go of my ego and set it ablaze. 

“Well, Sandeep is outside waiting for you. The divorce was to teach you a lesson and staged,” Her father remarked.

Anita rushed out and apologised for her actions. She promised to support him through thick and thin.

Sandeep hugged her tightly and muttered a few words of wisdom in her ear, “Anger and ego can destroy lives beyond repair, while love can heal. Never forget this.”


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