Tonight go stand at your window
And gaze outside at the sky
Where you are certainly bound to see
A star climbing over the horizon
The same way you climbed
Tens of thousands of years ago
A limbless fish crawling
Out of the watery depths of the sea
To become the amphibious frog
Who has so often enthralled you 
With his chants and canticles
From the dark places of your garden.
Remember how you did not stop there
But kept on climbing and climbing
And became the thunderous brontosaurus
A mythical creature roving the world
Like the mighty machines
You built in the megacities
Of your dreams in the faraway future.
Later you cast off your scales
And exchanged them for feathers and wings
To soar high into the heavens
A free bird of the insubstantial air
A creature so pure and light
Even the sun shed tears when he shone.
Tonight as you gaze at the sky
Ask yourself what made you fall
Ask yourself why you stopped climbing
What made you throw away
All your glorious destinies
Just to settle for this lowly bipedal beast
Who now masquerades as your former self
Raging, and ravaging the Earth
Night and day without end.
Tonight go stand at your window
And gaze at that climbing star
And remember. Remember
Everything you were
And all that you have become. Remember.

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