Remembering you…. Always

Remembering you…. Always


It has been years since you are gone. I still wake up in the morning thinking you will soon call me up. Your morning call was more of a ritual since the day, I got married…..You’re not really gone!

You always told me that, “Death is the ultimate end of each life”, I still miss you immensely. When God took you away, I was so indignant and perturbed, “He didn’t even let me meet you once. You were my pillar of strength”.

When you died, my grief became smothering. My heart was heavy and the pain was intimidating. For my entire life, we spoke almost every second day, even after my marriage. I have had years of being a Daddy’s only girl and years of authentic, indubitable love. And now, there is a lasting void in my life.

I was unable to see ma in that agony. She had never seen her life without you. You told her, “Life will go on, even when I”m gone”. But last few years haven’t been easy on her. You and ma were the most ideal couple, I had ever come across.

I gave you some illogical reasons for my inability, when you so wanted me to visit you, for a couple of days. And I was so unfortunate..I couldn’t see you ever then.

You gave me a call and I hung up on you, saying, “I shall call you back”. I was out and little tied up. That was the last time, I heard your modulated voice. I still regret the day.

You went for a peaceful abode to your maker. It left all of us pondering, “Are you actually not with us anymore”?

How? why? when…..? There are so many questions unanswered. 😔 Miss you Papa …..


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