A light breeze blew the sheer curtain of the glass window and shadows of the curtain’s floral motifs fluttered on the white bedsheet.

Amanda pulled over a blanket on her face and tried to fall asleep. It was turning out to be a boring holiday for her. The snow had started to melt under the summer sun and she had thought it would be a perfect time for her and Antonio to take their first vacation after their marriage. It had only been few months they met and Antonio was smitten.

Antonio was the President of a Wall Street bank and a self-made millionaire. He had been busy at work and asked her to go alone on his private yacht. Amanda loved the luxuries that life with Antonio offered and it was reason enough to support his demanding career. She had agreed without much resistance.

Her efforts to sleep were doomed as she heard Dobby barking. Dobby was Antonio’s dog. Excited, she ran to the outer deck hoping he had come. Dobby had stuck a paw under a wooden plank on the deck. She helped to get it out and gently stroked Dobby’s head.

“Naughty puppy. Let me take you to your den, now. It is time for you to stay inside,” she said while looking out at the distance.

She gave him food and tied him to a chain. She then went back to her cabin, changed into her swimwear and jumped into the lake for a swim.


He looked at her picture in his wallet and admired her emerald eyes. Those curvy lips framed by her blonde locks aroused his passion. Moving to the bar counter he poured two glasses of wine and sat, waiting for her.

As she climbed back on the deck, water dripped down her slender legs and her youthful body glistened in the sun. Grabbing a towel, she climbed the stairs to her cabin. Noticing the glasses, she smiled and looked around, her eyes searching. A strong arm slid around her waist from the back and she felt his breath on her neck.

In the throes of ensuing passion, they failed to hear Dobby barking and also the footsteps approaching them.


The man was dead. His lifeless body lay on the floor.

Amanda had alerted the police that an intruder had attacked her and, in an attempt to save her, Antonio had accidentally hit him on the head. Fresh injuries on Antonio’s body hinted at the struggle he had undergone fighting the younger man.

Antonio looked at his cheating wife’s face with remorse. He had divorced his wife of thirty years to marry the young damsel. Her infidelity would blow his reputation. He chose to hide the truth.

The police arrested him while Amanda stood with a stolid face.

With both her lovers gone, it was now just her and Antonio’s vast wealth. This rendezvous had turned lucky for her. She picked up the whimpering dog and left the boat.

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