“There you are! Where have you been for so long?” 

“Phew! I have been to hell and back. Let me relax for a while.”

“Alright! Take your time. You seem different, though. I mean, you look bright.”

“Just back from the launderette. Huh! I’m finally feeling refreshed.”

“Great! Now let’s get started.” 

Sheath’s return after a long absence tickled the curious fibrils of her mate, Bardot. They were closet buddies and had been sharing the space since long.

“It’s a long story, pal. I’ve been through a whirlwind of events. That fateful day, after the possessor picked me up from here, she took me to a modiste. Out of the blue, she decided to change me. She wanted to get me altered so that I could be a good fit for her.” 

“Holy Silk! We are just mere mute units, at the mercy of a whimsical possessor. It must’ve been terrible for you!”  

“Well, that was just the start. Once she left, the modiste dumped me inside a dark cabinet and vanished for days. I was left to suffer amongst the ugly garbs. Arrgh! Yes. I was upset and felt uncared. But my perception changed when I overheard the conversations today. They spoke of a lockdown that stopped them from going outdoors. It got implemented the very next day. So the modiste failed to return to work. The curfew ended yesterday, and she went to pick me up today. Now the real twist is… she told the modiste not to alter  me.”

“Wow! That’s interesting.”

“Surprised, are you? I’ve some more. Today, on our way back, she met an old friend. I was right there, so I overheard their conversation. Our possessor was talking about a love affair… heartbreak… then something called depression. And she spoke of a phase when she lost the zeal to socialize. That she stayed indoors and thought of giving up.”

“Ah, ha! So we had to bear the brunt of her crisis.”

“Yes, but she confessed that she’s a changed person now. From what I deciphered, her recent visit to the eldercare did some magic. There she learnt lessons that mended her tattered soul. She said, ‘Even the bleeding hearts had gorgeous smiles.’ She felt inspired by their fervour to live; despite being abandoned by their loved ones.”

“I think we were too quick to judge her.”

“Yes! But I’m glad she fought back; that she chose to change, for good. Or else, we would’ve had to live in the dark; for how long, I know not. So, after she got herself back, she realised that she had lost some weight. And that I won’t look good on her. But again, she changed her mind. Instead of altering me, she decided to concentrate on her well-being. And get her old self back so that she can don me and flaunt herself. Isn’t that great?”

“It indeed is! The best thing is, we can enjoy the party lights, once again. Right, mate?”

“Right you are, buddy!”

Launderette- laundry
Modiste – tailor
Sheath and Bardot-  dresses for women. 
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