My name is Hima. For the past eight months, I have not had much to do. I have fallen from my position as the chosen one. I am no longer the mistresses’ favourite. How did this happen?

The mistress and me, we go way back. When she saw me, it was love at first sight. At least, of the platonic kind. I knew that we were meant to be. We just clicked together. 

I soon became her steadfast companion, her confidante. I always had her back. She said I was lucky for her. I accompanied her to every meeting. We were attached at the hip. Good things seldom last, do they?

The beginning of the end commenced with my rival’s entrance. Her name was Paja. The contrast between us was so obvious. She? Unkempt and grey. As if she had never seen an iron-box in her entire life. Me? Classy, fashionable, and elegant, with not a hair out of place. My waist-size? Thirty. I don’t think Paja even had a waist! I was puzzled as to what the mistress saw in her. I predicted Paja wouldn’t stick around for long. So wrong I was!

At first, the mistress sought Paja’s companionship only occasionally. Then something changed. She wanted Paja and only Paja. I burned with envy. There were other changes too. The mistress didn’t go to work anymore. From the creak in the wall, I saw her lounging about on the sofa, all day long, with her laptop. That traitor was there too with her, no doubt influencing her.

This was so unfair! I was the one with the head for business. Shabby Paja would scare anyone away! I had been banished to a claustrophobic corner, the darkness my companion, replaced by an unworthy opponent. 

One day, my penance came to fruition. I overheard my mistress say that she had to go back to work. I knew she would always come back to me. This time, I promised myself that I would make sure that Paja was exiled forever. 


Maya was on a phone call with her friend. “Monday is the big presentation. I’m taking it from the office. It’s my first time there since the start of the pandemic. All this while, I have been working from home, lounging in pyjamas, and my waist has expanded so much. I won’t fit into my expensive H&M pants anymore! Looks like I need to go shopping!”

Her friend replied, “Didn’t you hear? H&M is ready to swap second-hand pants for a discount on brand new ones. Upgrade to a bigger size!” 

Maya was thrilled. She opened her cupboard and found her H&M pants. “Goodbye, buddy. You have served me well!” She folded Hima into her shopping bag.


As they say, the best-laid plans of men and pants always go awry. From the confines of the bag, I hissed out to a smug Paja, “This isn’t the end. I will be back soon! And then….it will be war!”                                                        


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