Return for Returns

Return for Returns

Today is a very special day. After years of being shut in the trunk, I am out. I am Mini’s doll and love being the puppet of her fancies. My lack of independence is actually liberating.

As she was growing up, I met someone I came to admire. She called him her ‘book’. She would read from it wonderful stories and enacted them with me. I and her book had a chance to converse. Not that we never communicated, but one day we had a one to one discussion. 

From its glossy cover came the baritone “She is growing fast!” 

I nodded and quipped “And we are the same.”

“We would soon be replaced” he prophesied.

I made a face, never uttering a word, for I knew she would never stop loving me. The fairy tales of the book will start boring her, but never can my sweet face

When I was shoved inside the trunk, I remembered his words. For the first time in my unending life I felt a tad sad. 

Today, as I was taken out by her, it felt as if I have just arisen from a long sleep. Everything around me was same but with a difference. The evolution was evident in my Mini too, who had grown into a gorgeous lady. By her features, I could not have recognised her, but her touch remains the same.  As she gave me a light kiss on the cheeks and bathed me, I was revived.

 I knew in an instant when I saw her girl, the same as she used to be. I met her book again in her daughter’s hand. The little mini took me in her arms and I felt that this long life is indeed worth living. From the corner of my eyes, I saw him smile and I smiled back. 

He whispered, “Where were you all this while?”

I answered, “In the trunk.”

He smiled and said, “I was in the little cupboard, waiting to be reread”

I asked, “but isn’t she too small to read a book?”

He said “She looks at the pictures and her mother reads them out. I have been here two days. The story about the ‘Birthday Party’ reminded her of you and she pulled you out.”

I did not know, if I should have felt offended for the book to be picked first or happy to have gotten a chance to be back in her life.

As Mini’s daughter left the book and picked me up and cuddled me, I knew I have won her heart and all other worries were put to rest. 

I watch with fulfilment, as Mini reads a huge book on ‘Cell Biology’ and her daughter plays with me. Her world has indeed changed. The fairy tale book has been replaced with a lofty volume and her daughter is now her new doll. However, I am happy that we still exist in her life and continue to charm the next generation.


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