Review of Doctor Who

Review of Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is a T.V serial that has been around since 1963 (whew! That’s what you call a long run) and one of my favourite TV shows, and it has a place in my ‘Top 3 Favourite Videos & Shows’ list. It is about a Time Lord, (‘Time Lords are a fictional alien species from the planet Gallifrey) called the Doctor, who steals a TARDIS (a machine which is bigger on the inside built by Time Lords which can go anywhere in time and space) and goes adventuring (and, many times, saving entire planets) with some friends, or ‘companions’. Every time the Doctor dies, he/she can ‘regenerate’, which means he/she can come back with a new look and personality.

I’m saying ‘he/she’, because the 13th regeneration of the Doctor (played by actress Jodie Whittaker) is a woman.  Another thing: The 1st-8th regenerations of the Doctor were, actually, in a separate series called ‘Classic Who’, and the show made a comeback with the 9th-13th Doctor, which is called ‘Doctor Who’.  If you ask me, Doctor Who’s genre, I will say that there are many. Some episodes are horror, others adventure, or mystery, or family, or fantasy. Doctor Who has a variety of enemies, too, since the Doctor and his companions get attacked by them almost every episode. Some famous ones are- Weeping Angels, The Dream Lord, Cybermen, Daleks, and the Master (another Time Lord, but evil). The Doctor carries a Sonic Screwdriver which can open and lock doors, do crazy stuff with electricity. The 12th Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) ditches the sonic screwdriver to make and wear his own set of sonic sunglasses(which do the same thing, but have night vision, and can measure distance from you to something else and can track heat and stuff), and the 13th Doctor makes her sonic screwdriver out of spoons.

About the TARDIS

TARDISes, in general, are machines which are bigger on the inside and can serve as both a time machine, and an anywhere-in-the-universe vehicle. They were built by Time Lords. They can look like anything you want, like a tree, or house, or a pony; you get it, anything. But the Doctor’s TARDIS is stuck looking like a blue, rectangular police box because something was wrong with whatever allows it to look like anything you want.

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It was mentioned that the Doctor’s TARDIS has several bedrooms, a swimming pool, a library, a swimming pool in a library, and probably a hundred other rooms inside, but we only get to see the control room, where there is this big thing in the middle which is called the ‘time vortex’, and, these things all around, and…, this thing. Like the Doctor, the TARDIS re-decorates itself every time the Doctor gets a new companion. The TARDIS has a force-field and oxygen-field outside it, so if you hang on by its door in space, you could breathe, as you would be in the TARDIS’s oxygen field.  Or if you were getting shot by Daleks, just hope you switched on the TARDIS force-field and hang on tight. OR you could just hide in TARDIS, as it is almost impenetrable.

Through its impenetrability, there were many instances of the TARDIS blowing up. One time, the TARDIS exploded, but only to reform back again because of some Time-Lord tech. The painter, Van Gogh, draws a picture of the TARDIS blowing up, and that happens in a time loop in the episode ‘The Big Bang’, which was the second part of the two-part episode duo, ‘The Pandorica Opens’, and ‘The Big Bang’.

I’ve dreamed of having my own TARDIS, and, as you can decide which rooms should be in it, I’ll have a Tent Room, a Bouncy House room, a Cozy Cushion room………… but I can only dream.


The Doctor’s first companion was his own granddaughter. I know only about  15 or so companions,as I have only watched the 9th-13th Doctors. Some of them I really liked, others, not so much, and  for some I didn’t feel anything at all. Your opinions may and will be different, but I’m just here to show mine.

9th -10th Doctor’s companion

Rose Tyler- She is a blonde, possibly 20-year-old who I really didn’t feel for. I can’t tell much about her personality, but I do know she developed a crush for the Doctor somewher in the middle. Her companionship ended when she was sucked to a parallel dimension, where the TARDIS couldn’t go. After that, the Doctor took on another companion.

Side companion- Captain Jack Harckness was a human for the future, working for some time-travelling agents, but got kicked out. He weaves in & out through the 9th and 10th Doctor’s adventures, and he also made an appearance in one of the 13th Doctor’s episode.

10th Doctor’s companions

Martha Jones is a practicing doctor (a real doctor), and another one who I can’t really tell you much about. She first met the Doctor when the hospital in which she was working in ended up on the moon with some alien rhino policemen (that episode wasn’t weird at all). She voluntarily left the Doctor team because she was tired of all the sacrifices she had to make, but is still in contact with him. I mean, her.

Donna Noble- is a fiery, hot tempered red head who is one of my favorite companions. She’s funny and smart, and she even slapped the Doctor once! No, twice. She first met the Doctor when she was teleported to the TARDIS in the middle of her wedding. During her adventures with the Doctor, she once met Agatha Christie, and solved a murder mystery with her. Her adventures with the Doctor ended when she had to have her memory wiped off of the Doctor, and never remember him again. 

11th Doctor’s companions

Amelia Pond and Rory Pond- The doctor first met Amelia when she was about 12, with the iconic ‘fish fingers & custard’ scene. He then had to go to fix his TARDIS, and promised to come back but accidentally came back 14 years later, when she had grown up and had started calling herself Amy. She is also one of my favourites, along with her husband Rory, who’s just nothing but kind and compassionate.

Side companion- River Song/Melody Pond- River  was born in the TARDIS, so she has the power to regenerate. Though they don’t know this, River is Amy & Rory’s child. There’s a lot of confusing timey-wimey stuff going on with her and the Doctor, so I’m just going to skip that. She once jumped out of a spaceship, knowing that the Doctor would catch her with his TARDIS. She calls the Doctor by her famous phrase-‘Hello Sweetie!’.

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Clara- after Amy & Rory got sent back to 19-something when a Weeping Angel touched them. The Doctor decided to give up travelling the universe. It was Clara who convinced him that the universe needed him to save it, so he got back on track and chose Clara as his companion. I liked Clara at first, but after he regenerated into Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor, I started liking her less and less. I was on the point of hating when they introduced her boyfriend, Danny Pink, who I think was a character made only for hate. He does not believe that the Doctor is getting rid of threats, not causing them, and is just plain irritating. He died in the most boring way someone could die in Doctor Who- in a car accident. Then Clara became the most irritating character, by stealing the TARDIS’s key so the Doctor would go back in time and save Danny (that would cause a paradox, doesn’t she know that?!) Danny came back as a cyberman in the next episode, so he is forever called ‘Dan the Cyberman’. She died in the episode ‘Face the Raven’.

Bill- Bill is second on my favorite companion list. She’s just so likeable! She’s smart & confident and just really likeable. She lost her mother when she was very young and didn’t have any photos of her. So, the Doctor gave her photographs of her mother as a gift. In her adventures, she encountered a freaky water puddle ghost, a real haunted house whose wood ate people, a giant fish, and she got converted into a cyberman, and managed to live. Personally, I think she got less time on screen, and that she should have more episodes.

13th Doctor‘s companions 

Yaz, Graham, and Ryan- I like all of them. They also made the second place in my favourite companion’s list. In one of their episodes, bubble wraps were being used as bombs, so if you popped them, you would explode. Ever since then, I’ve been scared of popping bubble wrap. This TARDIS team (or fam, as the Doctor calls them) just make everything more fun.

Okay, I’ll end here. Thank you all for reading till the end and please check out Doctor Who.

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Happy watching fellow netizens. Make the most of the lockdown. Stay Home, stay safe.

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